Maryland Chiefs Give Cummings Their ‘Blessing’

One of the chiefs as he blesses Cummings

After becoming the standard bearer of the opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC), Alexander B. Cummings made a weeklong visit to his father’s home county, Maryland, to receive the blessing of his kinsmen.

His run for the presidency was endorsed by local chiefs, elders, women, civil society, and youth groups of the county, including those from the districts of Glofarken, Barrobo, Pleebo City, Harper, Karluway, and Rock Town.

In Rock Town, the first town to be settled in Maryland, the Paramount Chief, G. Gray Elliot, gave Cummings his blessing to run for president.

According to an ANC release, shortly thereafter, Cummings’ supporters and his team returned to the Peace Hall, where Cummings accepted the Paramount Chief’s blessing and thanked the people for their support.

The spokesman for the elders who endorsed Cummings’ candidacy, Nyema Neufville, also welcomed Mr. Cummings as a son and a brother. Following the endorsement, a traditional rite was performed in open on behalf of the entire chiefdom, which comprises five towns.

In Worteken Town, one of the six towns making up Yonmonweh Chiefdom, scores of supporters gathered to greet Mr. Cummings, and presented him the traditional kola nut. The elders also blessed him in the traditional manner.

In Harper City, Cummings hosted a public discourse through the Green Street Intellectual Forum, which was attended by Harper City community members.

During the discourse, he answered questions about his vision for the future and also explained what would be his priorities and how they will be accomplished when he becomes president.


Cummings during one of his pit-stops in Maryland

“Our priorities are job creation, agriculture, education with focus on vocational training and adult literacy, health and infrastructure. Most of our problems as a nation begin and end with infrastructure. It is the key to providing quality healthcare, education, jobs, and food security. We will also strengthen our private sector by privatizing infrastructure development, and thus attracting investment. By developing reliable and widespread electricity, running water and roads, we will create jobs for hundreds of thousands of Liberians, and most of all provide every Liberian with a better quality of life,” he said.

Speaking on the Liberian economy, he said, “We will ensure that Liberians are at the center and benefit from all economic expansion by introducing a Liberian Economic Empowerment Program, which will benefit Liberians and Liberian businesses to be the key drivers of the country’s economic growth.

“We will prioritize empowering Liberian businesses and will ensure that our government procures from the locals.”

Cummings served most recently as executive vice president and chief administrative officer for Coca-Cola’s African operations before announcing his candidacy for president of Liberia in 2015.

Born to Alexander Cummings, Sr., an educator who also studied divinity, and Ayo, a midwife and entrepreneur, Cummings spent his early years in Point Four, Monrovia, before his primary and secondary education in Montserrado district.

He was educated at Cuttington University College before furthering his studies at the Northern Illinois University, USA, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Economics. He earned an MBA in Finance from Clark Atlanta University. Cummings has over 40 years of experience in international business.

During his tenure at Coca – Cola he created the Coca- Cola Africa Foundation, and subsequently founded his family’s Cummings Africa Foundation, which has funded humanitarian projects in Liberia to the tune of US$1 million, according to the ANC release.


  1. I believe Cummings has the most potential to make the changes we desperately need in Liberia. Corruption is systemic in Liberia. I believe Cummings will be more inclined to aggressively fight corruption because everything he has acquired in his life, he has worked hard for and earned. He therefore values and appreciates earning things through hard work.

    In addition, his mind has not been corrupted by the systemic corruption in Liberia.
    For the rest of the candidates, they have been knee-deep in corruption. They are more likely to allow it to continue because that is what they have grown accustom to. Corruption is the system in Liberia. It will take someone with a different perspective to effectively fight it — someone whose mind has not been corrupted by the system.

    Lastly, he comes across as a very humble person. Same cannot be said for many of the other contestants. Take for example how he and Mills Jones handled the issue of the COC. Both men were reported to possibly be affected by it. Cummings responded simply by saying his position was not among the affected categories and left it at that. Jones, on the other hand, proceeded to basically threaten the nation and display gross disrespect towards the Supreme Court. Those are signs of a tyrant.

    It’s not often that a person like Cummings comes around so I think he should be given a chance. As far as the rest of the competition, politicians of their ilk are a dime a dozen in Monrovia. I wish I were home to vote for him. But we are praying that our brothers and sisters make the right choice.

  2. Suddenly, every political Candidate is
    now a member of some Indegenous Liberian Tribe. They should all-speak their Indegenous Languages. LOL! Don’t forget; some prefer to ride in a HAMMOCK on the heads/shoulders of INDEGENOUS PEOPLES.

  3. Mr. Cummings, I must admit you are on the right track. Do this in almost every district/town in every county and I can assure you to be the victor of this election. Let these voters hear directly from you rather than from your lieutenants, as this will give them confidence they need to elect you. I understand this is a tedious and hard work with lots of sleepless nights, but that’s exactly what these voters need to see and hear, and in the end it will pay off.

    I do not think voters want promises that cannot be kept such as gold or diamond, or even miracles. But what they want to hear is the truth; someone they can trust that together and with hard work we can build a better Liberia, which has been your message along. Keep up the good work and if voters are praying for discernment, they will begin to see the light between you and other politicians.

  4. The brain-drain Liberia experienced during its turbulent years robbed the country of many professionals. Western nations are benefitting tremendously from the vast exodus of professional manpower from countries where there are conflicts. The Middle East and Africa have lost some of their best educators, doctors, engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, agriculturists, and other blue collar workers to the west during the time of conflicts. Many citizens from these parts of the world over the years take on foreign citizenships whenever conflicts last for protracted periods.

    Take for example; many Liberians who were forced to leave doing Liberia’s conflict are now contributing their skills in foreign land. On the other hand, people like Alexander Cummings and others like me, who were already studying in the United States, were forced to remain because of the long conflict in Liberia.
    These productive Liberians, who now lived in the diaspora, are being denied dual citizenship in Liberia.

    If Liberia wants to really develop, it is time to revisit Liberia’s draconian laws and other stumbling blocks that are embedded in our constitution that are preventing us from moving Liberia to economic prosperity.
    Over thirty years, I have lived in and out of Liberia. I have followed Mr. Cummings’ career when he worked for the Pillsbury Company as vice president of finance and when he joined Coca-Cola in 1997 to work his way to the chief administrative officer (CAO) and executive vice president of The Coca-Cola Company. Mr. Cummings is hard working, humble, honest, and most especially, he has contributed to the needs of Liberians in the diaspora and his contribution to maintaining Coca-Cola production plant in Liberia and other charitable works in Liberia.

    Mr. Cummings vast international business acumen in Africa and the United States gives him a new perspective in putting a good management team together in revamping developments in Liberia. Remember, he could have easily taken his millions from his Coca-Cola’s pension and other perks and do nothing for Liberia; instead, he decides to help his native land.

    I do not belong to his ANC party; nor, can I even vote in this coming election but I still do love Liberia.

  5. Until we, as a nation embrace REALITY, and forget about tribalism, partisan and self-interest, we are going nowhere. Let us ask for, seek, knock at or discern TRUTH then we shall receive it. It is only this means can oir nation be a better place – a haven of blessing for ALL.


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