Maryland CCEO, 3 Others Injured in Car Accident


Maryland County Chief Education Officer (CCEO) and three other persons were yesterday morning admitted at the Ganta United Methodist Hospital following a gruesome car accident.

The incident occurred near the Ganta immigration checkpoint in Nimba County around 12:45a.m., when the driver of the government-assigned vehicle to the Maryland County School System, with plate no. 2327, reportedly lost control due to “excessive speeding” and crashed under a stationary commercial DAF truck undergoing inspection at the checkpoint.

The vehicle is assigned to CCEO Nathaniel W. Johnson, 51, who was seriously injured in the accident.

Police said the two vehicles were traveling in the same direction from Monrovia, but approached the checkpoint almost at the same time.

Three of the four occupants: CEO Johnson, the driver, Robert Kpuryen, 45, and Dester Reeves, 22, are currently admitted at the Intensive Care Unit of the Ganta United Methodist Hospital, where they are undergoing medical treatment and observation, a traffic police detail at the checkpoint has confirmed.

The truck, marked 1758 TB, loaded with bags of rice en-route from Monrovia, was driven by one Tamba Dunduk, who escaped unharmed, according to the police.

Police authorities said the incident occurred as a result of “excessive speeding” by government driver Kpuryen as he approached the checkpoint.

Police sources said three of the occupants including the CEO were trapped in the vehicle for a while following the accident until nearby residents came to their rescue by prying open the vehicle doors using axes and machetes.

The injured were later transported to Ganta hospital, where report said they are in the Intensive Care Unit with doctors specially assigned to them.


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