Mary Broh Wants Women Aspirants to Be Courageous


General Services Agency (GSA) Director Mary T. Broh has challenged women vying for legislative seats as well the presidency to be courageous and prove their worth as they do in other functions of life.

Addressing over 100 women near Fish Market in Congo Town on yesterday, where she served as a proxy for President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf at the “Dollar campaign”, organized by the Liberian Women Political Forum (LWPF) to support female legislative aspirants’ campaign efforts, Madam Broh said women should not be afraid to invade their districts across the country.

“Take the challenge and work with your constituents very seriously if October 10 should be the day of verdict in your favor,” she challenged them.

She said decisions about the welfare of the country are no longer the sole prerogative of men, but everyone, including women.

Madam Broh told the women that the blessing of President Sirleaf is with them and therefore they should not pretend they have something that is not real.

“Be your true selves and consider no one as your enemy in this struggle, no matter whatever temptation comes your way,” she admonished.

“On behalf of our President, Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who could not be here due to some other pressing national duties, and my office, I hereby begin supporting your efforts with L$50,000,” she said.

Also making remarks, Gospel artist and legislative aspirant, Kanvee Gaines Adams, said their bid as women in this year’s elections is not about their gender but their abilities to make transformation much more a reality than what men are capable of doing.

“We believe that when it comes to change we are the best catalysts and once we are united our success is matchless,” Mrs. Adams noted. “Men’s dominance on Capitol Hill is responsible for the country’s underdevelopment.”

“They are easily carried away by any wind but as for us we turn winds around to achieve our goals, mainly for the good of our children; among whom are the very men and, in general, for the betterment of our nation,” she said.

Madam Pauline Weah Nyanford, representative aspirant for Montserrado District #14, said 2017 will be a turning point in the political history of Liberia.

“Plus or minus the Legislative endorsement of the Affirmative Action bill that is seeking the 30 percent slots for women, I can frankly tell you that there will be a political tsunami that will wipe away all men who have already been disqualified, as opinion polls across the country show,” Madam Nyanford said.

She said being among 18 contestants, including the incumbent, Rep. Abraham Varmuyahn Konneh, is not her worry because she is better prepared and much more appreciated by the electorates in her district.

“I have been working in the interest of my people and will continue. I am not deterred because I am confident that victory is mine and I welcome the competition,” she said.

The LWDF’s “dollar campaign” is targeting US$50 million to support females contesting across the country.


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