Mary Broh to be Tried for Criminal Offenses

GSA Director and Coordinator of the Bureau of Vital Statistics, Mary T. Broh

The Monrovia City Court on Wednesday charged Mary Broh, Director of General Service Agency (GSA) with multiple criminal offenses regarding her alleged authorization, of the reported flogging of one Sheikh Kouyateh, at the Birth Certificate Center on August 10.

Broh, who is also the coordinator of the Bureau of Vital Statistics of the Ministry of Health, was charged following a peaceful protest at the Temple of Justice by people believed to be supporters of Kouyateh.  Her charges are official oppression, simple assault, criminal solicitation and criminal facilitation.

Broh’s lawyer, Cllr. Joseph Kollie, said his client is prepared to go to court and exonerate herself from the allegation, thereby condemning the action of the protester.

“We are going to have them prove their allegation against Broh and we are not prepared to have the matter resolved outside of the court,” Cllr. Kollie stressed.

In support of the protest, Kouyateh’s lawyer, Cllr. Amara Sheriff, said the action was in line with the law because the protesters were demanding for justice.

“If those in power abuse their responsibility, the people have the right to demonstrate against such individuals,” Cllr, Sheriff maintained.

“They have to demand justice for the degree of abuse against them,” he said, adding, “We should have ended this issue long time but Broh has refused to admit her wrong and apologize, that was what we wanted from her,” Sheriff contended.

“The law is bigger than any one individual and we are under obligation to respect it,” Sheriff said.

Besides charging Broh, the court has summoned her to appear before it on Tuesday, September 5. The decision was based on her refusal to attend yesterday’s conference bringing to three the number of meetings held with the parties to which she failed to appear.

The intent of the conferences was to enable Magistrate Kennedy Peabody to find a peaceful settlement of the matter, which efforts Broh has refused and demanded own prosecution.

The court document alleges that on August 10, at the Birth Certificate Center, while serving in her capacity as GSA Director and coordinator of the Bureau of Vital Statistics, Broh used her position to persuade her employees, who under her instruction, violently jumped on Kouyateh and beat him and inflicted pains and injuries on his body.

The document claimed Kouyateh’s clothes were torn, while Broh publicly choked him with the intent to render aid to her staff.


  1. This person, Kouyateh, who accused Mary Broh and her staff for beating him should be charged with disturbing the peace. This man dropped off a non-Liberian citizen to get a birth certificate, something he had been doing for a long time (by bribing some of the Staff) before Ms. Broh was delegated this special assignment to go clean up the mess. Mind you, Ms. Broh is still the Director General of GSA. After this man dropped off this person and returned later, he was shocked to hear that the birth certificate had not been issued to the person he dropped off earlier. He got angry and began to question the staff and “bare grumble”. He was informed that the man he dropped off was not a citizen of Liberia and could not answer questions, show document or bring statements from people to prove that he was a citizen. He began to rain insults on staff. He was asked to leave the premises but he refused to do so. He became argumentative. He was then forced out of the office and while doing so he began to throw fists at the employees. It was during this struggle that he sustained minor injuries. Now, instead of going straight to the Police to report the incident or go to a clinic, he went home, ate rested for a couple of days and went to file a false law suit later.
    WHY SHOULD MS. BROH APOLOGIZE? Should she apologize for doing her work? Should she apologize to a man who did not go to seek service from that office? Should she apologize to a man who refused to leave a Government Office? This man should be charged with disturbing the peace and assault instead of the other way around. You got people doing what the hell they want to do in Liberia (Officials and private citizens) and the few people who we have here doing their jobs are always harassed and sued. Maybe Ms. Broh should have just accepted the bribe and give this idiot the birth certificate so he can continue to bring more people into the country.

  2. We do not know the correct story to what took place in the office between Mary Broh and the gentleman. In a true sense Miss Broh is a leader. She cannot escape the implications of leadership. What do they imply?
    To gain the respect of others, a leader must respect their position and not use it to abuse the people they are leading. If you wish to be believed, then believe in yourself as a leader. As a leader, do the things that is right and certain within your leadership skills. Within reasonable limits self respect can be cultivated, if you cultivate the foundations on which to base it. This is what we called leadership and self respect. Miss Broh is under investigation let us get the result before we say things that we are not suppose to say.

  3. Except where the Mandingoes have the so called Juries and perhaps the Judges in their pockets, Mr.Sheikh has no case. Mr. Sheikh should have been arrested for his rudely behaviors. According to eyes witnesses, Mr.Sheikh made it very known; that he was at “Her(Ms.Broh’s) Office To Make Trouble”. It was only appropriate that Mr.Sheikh got restrained. Where by Mr.Sheikh got hurt in the process, well then; Mr. Sheikh brought it on himself. Mr. Sheikh should have taken his complaint to an assistant to Ms. Broh; who, I’m certain would have setup an appointment to resolve the matter. Ms. Broh is a Government Official. As such, she deserves to be treated with “FULL RESPECT”. Let Mr. Sheikh know that.

  4. Did she personally get involved in the scuffle? If so, Why? Where was the security assigned at the ministry? Why was he/she not called? or better yet, the National Police?
    Moreover, Why does she hold these two important portfolio concurrently? Is there an acute scarcity of qualified manpower?
    Let the court decide the merits or demerits of the allegation. NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW..NOT THE ACCUSED NOR THE ACCUSER!


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