Mary Broh Tipped for LEC?


With about 60 days to the dedication of the Mount Coffee Hydro-Electric Plant, rehabilitated at a cost of about US$300m, it has been reliably learnt from the Executive Mansion that Director General Mary Tanyonoh Broh of the General Services Agency (GSA) is tipped to head the management team of the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC).

Three impeccable sources at the Executive Mansion, who requested not to be identified, disclosed that Madam Broh is seen by the Executive Branch as the ‘best fitted’ to improve the LEC’s services to the people.

Madam Broh, branded as General Broh for her no-nonsense style, is known for getting difficult jobs done. Judging by her past performance, she will ensure that revenues are collected and properly managed, take strong measures to curtail losses due to power theft, fraud and robbing of equipment. Broh will also be expected to work closely with the Canadian contractor, Manitoba Hydro International Limited, who will be responsible for the “operations of the hydro” for five years, and at the same time mentor the 23 Liberians who will take over the operations from Manitoba.

During the civil war (1989 – 2003), the Mount Coffee Hydro-Electric Plant was looted and destroyed. When the Sirleaf administration took over 11 years ago, rehabilitating the plant was one of her major campaign promises to the Liberian people.

Madam Broh, also known also as Hurricane Broh, is the most rotated civil servant, a go-to or fix-it administrator noted for “straightening things up” and later handing over the reins to others. She has served as City Mayor of Monrovia and is presently in charge of the Presidential

Task Force that ensures illegal structures are removed from the city of Monrovia.

However, when she was contacted yesterday about the pending assignment, Broh said “I have no knowledge of what you are talking about.”

Madam Broh first served the Liberian Government in March 2006 as the Special Projects Coordinator for President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s executive staff.

In 2007, she was promoted to Director of the Passport Bureau where she successfully reduced waste and eliminated bribery and delays which were rampant in the Bureau.

In 2008, Broh was transferred to the National Port Authority as Deputy Director, and in February 2009, she was selected to serve as Acting Mayor of Monrovia in place of Ophelia Hoff Saytumah, in the President’s effort to ensure efficiency and sound financial management at the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC).

Her selection was, however, not confirmed by the Senate.

Broh has worked to clean up Monrovia with measures that included city-wide litter reduction campaigns that increased public awareness against littering the streets, improved sanitation, and overall public health but often earned her a bad rap by squatters, businesspeople, street vendors and politicians.

In October 2009, she implemented the revised City Ordinance No. 1, originally established by the MCC in 1975 to address public health, sanitation, and street vendors. The revision sought to address issues that had accumulated in the capital over the last two decades such as overflowing, unsanitary garbage, makeshift structures and unregulated street vendors. She has also worked closely with government officials to address overpopulation, caused by displaced persons that flocked to Monrovia from the hinterland during the civil wars.

Currently, she serves as the Head of the Special Presidential Task Force to clean and beautify the City of Monrovia and its suburbs.

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