Mary Broh for VP Gains Public Favor


The popular workaholic (person with a compulsive need to work) in the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Administration, Mary T. Broh, has surfaced in the public domain as a favorite to be considered for Vice President on the ticket of any political party.

On ELBC’s Bumper Show yesterday many callers expressed their admiration for the role of ‘General’ Broh in getting things done in the government and felt that she could use such a patriotic and energetic spirit to transform the country.

According to the callers, Madam Broh, who now serves as director of the General Services Agency (GSA), has performed excellently in all the public positions she has served, including the current one.

They praised her for being hard working, strict and ethical in her work, which they claim warrants gratitude and promotion to a higher position where she would be able to make major transformations to the Liberian society.

A caller said: “Of all the officials, especially women serving in a government led by a woman, Mary Broh is the only hard working person we can see. Her good marks are evident in all the areas she has served, including the Passport Division at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Port Authority and the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC).”

Most female callers said Madam Broh has proven women’s capability to handle public positions, and they believe that serving in a high profile position as the Vice President would not be a mistake. They, however, worried that since the VP position is usually a dormant one, she might not be happy in it, or on the other hand, she could outperform the President.

It is not clear on which political party’s ticket Madam Broh would go as Vice President since most of the parties have selected their vice presidential candidates. However, Broh is a partisan of the Unity Party which is yet to declare its VP.

The Alternative National Congress has chosen Jeremiah Sulunteh, the Congress for Democratic Change (otherwise known as the Coalition for Democratic Change), Senator Jewel Howard Taylor and the Liberty Party has picked Harrison Karnwea.

Two other major parties that are yet to choose their presidential running mates are the ruling Unity Party and the Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE).

Other views, however, suggested that while they recognize Madam Broh as a hardworking woman with remarkably high marks in the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Administration, she will not be a good candidate for the vice presidential position.

According to a male caller, “Madam Broh is very assertive in carrying out her duties, and is therefore good for a position that will take her into the field or allow her to directly supervise workers.

“I recognize Mary Broh as a hard working woman, but making her Vice President will only kill the impact she could make on the public. The Vice President position is a ceremonial one that cannot allow you to do what you are capable of doing and if Mary Broh becomes Vice President, she will surely underperform.”

Admiration for Mary Broh rose after she was dropped as City Mayor in 2013 on demands from the House of Representatives. President Sirleaf reappointed her in September 2013 as Director General of the General Services Agency (GSA), which she has transformed into a pleasant environment and mostly efficient entity.

Before going to the GSA, Madam Broh transformed the Monrovia City Hall, cleaned up Monrovia and its environs and placed restrictions on arbitrarily dropping trash on the streets. She demolished unsightly makeshift structures from several parts of the city.

Mary Broh also set aside the first Saturday in every month as a cleanup day, and this has customarily been observed despite her departure from the Monrovia City Corporation.

She is also head of President Sirleaf’s Presidential Task Force that rapidly responds to any public project the President wants to see implemented without fear or delay. Recently, she has been operating along the Somalia Drive where the Japanese road construction project is ongoing, removing any obstacles or hindrances to the progress of the road works.

“She is a woman of character, a patriot who has always been useful as the head” and therefore her abilities and energy would be subdued or hindered in the position of Vice President, a caller implied.


  1. Dan right!!! She is the only person who WORKS in this government. Hardwork is her signature. She is the only one that has the courage to deal with our hard headed people. Broh for President.

  2. Mary Broh is a hardworking and honest lady that will make a difference in any government if she is chosen by any of the political party to serve as a number two.

  3. Mary Broh is electable but she’s not eligible to be president if unthinkable happens to president.Again,she doesn’t have the temperament to lead,she’s physically and verbally abusive.

    • You are 100%right my boy , leadership doesn’t go that way because she is hard working therefore she qualified to be vp. There are qualities she needs to have one is temperament.

  4. I guess your should create one party and put her in the race since no one wants her. Is very easy called one funny honoring ceremony and turn it into a petitioning program simple as that. I want us Liberians to note something. Some people have their area in life and sometimes they want to stay in that area. Broh is probably good in administration that doesn’t call for turning her into a presidential figure as some people did for our brother and still fooling him.

  5. Frankly speaking, no one Liberian who has been able to see the work of Madam Mary Broh wouldn’t believe that she’s a very hard working woman, who can deliver.

    Truly, she DESERVES to be honored by the government and or the Liberian people, because she is a hard working government official, especially she got every support she needed to do her job.

    Unfortunately; however, she’s not a presidential personality, considering her record of dealing with people. She doesn’t have the leadership trait that is required of the office of the President. Interestingly, she a working technician, whose temperament is above the ordinary person – sometimes under the influence of substance that renders her behavior abnormal; even though it’s sometimes required in order to deal with certain people and issues in the Liberian Community, not necessarily acceptable in lawful and legal terms.

    Besides, Madam Broh fits in any other capacity that requires hard-line decisions.

  6. I will drop everything i am doing and go volunteer my time with her – only if she were the presidential candidate. Tear up that never-enforced constitution, give her full stewardship for 20 years and Liberia will become a middle income country by then. WE ARE NOT READY FOR DEMOCRACY – too many idiots with voting privileges

  7. Undeniably, Mary Broh is a go – getter, but, unfortunaty, also an unrepentant maverick. So her idiosyncrasies, which usually caused PR disasters, were as tolerable as long as there was a doting Ellen to babysit her: Not a VP material by any stretch.

    Notwithstanding, many of us have the greatest respect for the duty – first – no nonsense – attitude of Mary. Perhaps, a placement as Minister of Public Works, with two deputies who are experienced civil engineers, could be the right antidote for this workaholic of a tornado.

  8. Mary Broh to be running mate to Bokai. I’m wondering what are we Liberians thinking about?This woman when served as city major did not craft any genuine policy document on the country sanitation.Liberia is the dirtiest country in the world as we speak.She just a woman who is full of show,temperamental,rude and a big pretender. She doesn’t suit the role of a vice president because everyday she will end up crossing the lines.The best place for her is to continue to work for madam president even in her private capacity because they are friends.

  9. Madam Broh is very capable and effective; she could make a good vice president for any presidential candidate and also pull huge votes during the elections.

  10. I must commend Madam Broh for her hard work but I don’t think been a Vice President is what she really wants. Let us not depend a single individual to do best all the time. We see her works let others follow her example to do the job when elected or appointed to any public offices. We need more People who are energy-driven and workaholic like Madam Broh. Madam Broh is one of those who we want to see work with the next government to served her people and continue her hard work but not our Vice President.
    Bravo! Madam Broh.

  11. Liberians have to decide what it is that we want. Do we want a goal-oriented person who insists that the end justifies the means? OR… Do we want a Rogue who insists on being addressed as an honorable?

  12. Jesus said it was not meant to be so but because of the hardness of your hearts so ……… Mary Broth has constructive developments in other countries and wants to bring such to Liberia but there are those whom have sent these things and paying deaf ears them. Mary Broth try’s to inform them but because their eyes are on the old way (taking money that’s not theirs – corruption) they often stop her. Being rustrated over these things, angry Mary Broth must react aggressively. Mary, girl, you have my vote only if voting for you means to resign from party, I will do so. You’re not just good but excellent to go. Remember, state the party and we start from there

  13. Mary Broh is a hard working lady with excellent Characters. I hope she does not want to tarnish her good characters by being Vice Presidential Candidate to Old Man, Boakai. She is presently serving in their Administration that has the worst RECORDS on corruption in the history of Liberia. Why put her good characters on the line. She will be better serving in the Cummings’ Administration as MINISTER of Public Works and Home Affairs. Great JOB!€;

  14. We want a president who will raid ghettos and don’t open institution for those in those ghettos to get refine. We want a president who will clean up and don’t weight the aftermath of cleaning up in a quick manner? We want a president who will one day raid red light market and and clean the street when marketers do not have a building near by to move into? We want a president who will take action straight without weighing the opposite reaction of her decisions. Good governance is diplomatic from the initial stage and action at last not action and action and action as we want it to be. I tell you if that woman become president of Liberia we will see more people going to jail and things running in the right way, but how long will she last? Remembered is been one hundred and plus years the result been business as usual. Broh stay in your lane and don’t allow people fool you.

  15. She will make an excellent choice as Vice President. Majority of Men do not accept women as Leaders. That is sad, Men are more corrupt than women. If the Lawmakers on Capitol Hill (MEN) knew their Job description, the last 12 years would have been remarkable years for all Liberians, but you guess, the Men could not Stand up To the President EJS.
    Mary Broh for Vice President.

  16. Mary Broh will be miserable as VP of Liberia. The prestige is fine, but it is not her area. I wish she had run for president. She would have done more in one year than the Oldma and Uncle Joe did in ten!

    One thing I wish the Oldma could do before she leaves office: Send Mary Broh to where License Plates are processed. The wait time there is just intolerable.

  17. Her human rights record surely serve as an impediment to accede to such a high office. She slapped a lady and use corporal punishment on a little girl who was not her daughter. She also had a human rights violation clash with the Muslims community on Benson Street, Monrovia. She is just a terrible character when it comes to her human rights record.

  18. An anonymous philosopher once said, “The executive of the future will be rated by his/her ability to anticipate his/her problems rather than to meet them as they come.” Honestly, President Sirleaf failed miserably to meet this litmus test.

    Almost twelve years, President Sirleaf administration has a dismal performance compared to Rwanda’s President, Paul Kagame, who inherited a similar war-torn country. It is extremely remarkable how Paul Kagame has transformed Rwanda from a failed state to one of Africa’s fastest growing economies, and one of Africa’s dominant information and technology hub.

    Perhaps Mary Broh has no political ambition to run for political office. Maybe that’s why she never resigned her post. However, if she does, she has the propensity to transform Liberia just like President Paul Kagame is doing for Rwanda.

    Nevertheless, The General (Mary Broh’s) loyalty to serve President Sirleaf in whatever capacity has proven that her “task oriented and no-nonsense approach” is just the kind of leadership and patriotism our battle-scarred country needs.

    On the other hand, her lack of political correctness, her assertiveness, and her no-nonsense approach to getting the job done is definitely not suitable for vice president position.

    Remember, no one walks over the General too easily!!!!

  19. Finally! I have been waiting for this woman’s name to surface in the debate concerning the leadership of our country. For those who want to criticize her, let them go ahead because that’s what freedom of speech is all about, but only one thing I want to say here: if Liberians need result and total transformation, Mary Broh is the way the go. I agree with those who are saying the Vice Presidential position will tie up her hand and we might not be able to see what she is made of. So, hopefully she can throw her hat in the race as a presidential candidate . Seriously, I will drop my nursing job here in the U.S. for at least three to campaign on her behave. Like most people have said, except Mr. Wulu (I do not know what kind of eye glasses he is wearing) she has transformed for the better every agency, corporation, position, etc that she has been assigned. If this woman becomes president, Liberia will have a super highway built from Monrovia to Maryland County or other counties. Go Broh!!!!

  20. With all due respect to Madam Mary Broh, I have to admit that stomach immediately begins to ache when her name is mentioned and associated with any notion of great leadership. Quite frankly, she cannot only be described as a failed public administrator but also as functionally illiterate. I honestly mean no malice or insult here, for I sincerely respect all women. But for God’s sake, one only has to look at the various places where Mary has been appointed since the past nearly 12 years and say to the reading audience what she has been able to do there. Nothing good, of course, nothing good about leadership, but failure after failure. She has no idea of how to run a system much less talk about building a system. She does not only lack the temperament, exposure she also particularly lacks the intellectual acumen required. For God’s sake, may God forbid.

  21. All the Liberian people want is result, and this is exactly what this lady has been delivering where ever she has worked. She may not have produce any policy paper as some of you have said. As a matter of fact many of your so-called policy papers are nothing more than a piece of ”cut and paste” work that has made little or no contribution to our developmental agenda. While I do not subscribe to the idea of she being a vice president, I know that she is capable of bringing positive change to any other entity she may be called to work in.

  22. Madam Mary Broh is a Monrovia based politician. She is not familiar with the entire country. Being a vice president means more than residing in Monrovia. She has never extended her activities outside of Monrovia. Has she gone to other cities in the rural areas to share her expertise? How well is she popular with the citizens in other counties? We need to get rid of the notion that once someone does well in Monrovia she or he is better or competent for the rest of the country. Is Mary Broh culturally competent? She is too aggressive in her behavior in dealing with people. The use of “FORCE” is not the best strategy to accomplish what you want done. A leader must be one who shows respect , love, and compassion for those whom he/she represents. However, I am not the one to decide because I am just one person. It is left with the Liberian people to decide for themselves.


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