Marketing Activities Begins At Ganta New Market Ground

The newly dedicated Ganta market building

As President George Weah commences his nationwide tour, marketers in Ganta have begun marketing activities at the newly opened and dedicated Ganta Central Market.

According to Ganta Marketing Superintendent, Ma Teneh Youhn, the market is set to open to the public every Thursday as it used to be in the past.

“We are bringing back the old Thursday market that used to be in Ganta those days, and  so we are asking all marketers across Nimba and the country at large that Ganta’s Thursday Market is back,” she said.

When the Daily Observer visited the market ground   Wednesday, February 10, 2021, marketers from across Ganta were seen constructing their boots in preparation for the Thursday market day.

The new building was dedicated late last year by President George Manneh Weah, but marketing activities there have been stalled after some  elders of Ganta went into argument with the City Council to take over the portion of land that was not developed because accordingly the government was unable to implement the blueprint of the market ground, which calls for a daycare school and a mini clinic amongst others.

The marketing authority in Ganta has begun collecting L$2,000 from a marketer to secure a which measurement is 7 x7, but L$ 1,500 is marked on the receipt given the payer.

Some expressed disappointment in the collection, arguing that the construction was intended to alleviate poverty as enshrined in the government’s development agenda.

When contacted the local market superintendent, Teneh Youhn, confirmed the collection of L$2,000 from each marketer and said the L$500, which is not marked on the receipt, goes to food and compensation for those who are demarcating the ground for the marketers.

She said, the balance LD$1,500 goes to the debt the marketing  find association owes as a result of finding a package for the elders. The amount according to the Market Superintendent will also be used for some development development projects like warehouse.


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