Maritime Boss Summoned over Signature on US$800K NPA Contracts


Judge Blamo Dixon of Criminal Court ‘C‘’ has summoned the Commissioner of Liberia Maritime Authority (LMA), Mr. Beyan Kessely, to answer questions regarding his signature which appeared on a National Port Authority (NPA) contract document awarded to Denmar Enterprise in the amount of US$837,950, for which prosecutors claim there is no result to show for the money.

The contract document under the name “Special Emergency Waiver for Port Security Project” was allegedly issued to the Public Procurement Concession Commission (PPCC) authorizing it not to allow any biding process, but to award the seaport’s security consultancy contract to Denmar Enterprise.

Mr. Kessely’s instruction was intended for the former National Port Authority’s (NPA) Managing Director Matilda Parker, who is being tried, to have Denmar Enterprise provide consultancy to seaport security, which prosecution’s first witness and chief investigator at the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC), Koffa Blamo, alleged during his testimony.

Kessely who chairs the board of the NPA, is expected to appear before Judge Dixon on Tuesday, January 5, 2016.

Judge Dixon’s action yesterday was due to a request from state lawyers authorizing the judge to serve two separate writs, subpoena deuces tecum and subpoena ad testificandum, on Mr. Kessely.

Subpoena duces tecun is an order compelling a person or organization to bring physical or documentary evidence for use at a hearing or trial while subpoena ad testificandum is an order that compels a person to appear and give oral testimony for use at a hearing or trial.

The state lawyers’ request came immediately after Blamo allegedly testified that during an investigation of Madam Parker, she presented a photocopy of the document bearing the signature of Mr. Kessely authorizing her to award the contract to Denmar Enterprise, ignoring the PPCC biding process.

Based on that allegation, the prosecution team asked Judge Blamo to summon Mr. Kessely to produce the original copy of the document and to appear and testify about his signature.

Besides Kessely, Judge Dixon also summoned the management of the National Port Authority (NPA), Sky International Insurance Corporation and the management of the Greenville Port.

They were summoned due to similar requests from the prosecution team.

The management of NPA is expected to produce original copies of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between Madam Parker’s administration together with payment vouchers and return checks issued to Denmar Enterprise, owned by a Liberian businessman identified as Deneah Martin Flomo, who has escaped justice.

Sky Insurance has to produce original copies of two performance bonds admitting that Denmar Enterprise performed the two contracts: one to remove wreckage at the Greenville Port, in Sinoe County, and another to provide security consultancy.

But witness Blamo claimed that Flomo’s signature did not appear on one of the bonds submitted to the LACC by Sky Insurance, while on the other bond, submitted by defendant Parker, only the letter ‘PP’ appeared there for Flomo.

The management of Greenville Port was also instructed by Judge Blamo to produce original copies of several documents on the contract, including assessment reports on the projected wreck removal plan and port facility security assessment.
They are also expected to produce those documents on Tuesday, January 5, 2016.


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