Margibians Reject Cooper’s Presidential Bid

Sen. Cooper.jpg

Residents of Margibi County, home of Senator Oscar Cooper, have rejected his presidential bid in the ensuing October elections.

Nearly two weeks after he accepted a petition from a group of citizens from all 15 counties to contest the presidency, Sen. Cooper now stands to be losing support among his people in the county as evidenced by the fact that they have started to criticize him change their minds about his bid to become president.

Cooper was vehemently opposed by several citizens on radio talk shows and on the street corners of Kakata, the county’s political capital.

Many citizens, who called in on several radio talk shows, said a lot of negative things about the Senator.

“Oscar Cooper said he bought votes to win the 2011 senatorial race and he has done nothing for us in this county. He talks to people any way he feels or thinks,” several callers alleged.

However, Senator Cooper has maintained that his desire is to work with Margibians and unify the citizens irrespective of status.

Speaking on Radio Gbaisue’s early morning show in Weala, a concession area near Kakata, and on other phone-in shows hosted on Radio Margibi in Kakata recently, the callers were united in their unfavorable comments against the Senator.

Moderators of these shows were soliciting the views of citizens on the Senator’s ambition to become the country’s next president.

Some of the callers said Sen. Cooper is not capable of becoming president of Liberia, and he does not deserve re-election to the Senate.

Meanwhile, on the day of his recent petitioning, not a single leader from the county attended the ceremony. One resident told this reporter after the program that he did not know if the Senator seriously wanted to contest the presidency.

It may be recalled that Senator Cooper suffered the wrath of journalists for allegedly maltreating them shortly after he was elected in 2011. This report justifies the maxim that “the evil that men do lives after them, but the good is interred with their bones.”


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