Margibians Recommit to Support Boakai


Several Margibians, most of them residents of Kakata, the county’s political capital, have reaffirmed their commitment to support the presidential bid of Vice President Joseph Boakai.

The people of Margibi gave the assurance on October 1 in Kakata at a recent political rally that brought together a cross-section of residents of the city.

At a well attended campaign rally, former Margibi County Senator David Menyongar, who worked during the regime of former President Samuel K. Doe, told V. P. Boakai that residents of the county have resolved without any reservation to elect him as the next President of Liberia.

Mr. Menyongar said Margibi County overwhelmingly voted for the Unity Party in 2005 and 2011, and with the face of one of their sons, Emmanuel Nuquay, on the party’s ticket, “Margibians are 100 percent going to vote for the UP ticket.”

He said that Margibians are not prepared to lose the “golden opportunity” of producing a Vice President that is productive and hardworking.

Mr. Menyongar, one of the founding fathers and elders of the county, called on all Margibians to remain focused in their support of the Boakai-Nuquay ticket.

Nuquay, meanwhile, assured the residents that the UP will continue to be sensitive to their plight.

He said he will not forget or abandon his roots if elected as Vice President of Liberia, adding that he will ensure, with the consent of the President, to develop programs and projects that will attract foreign investments to improve the lives of all Liberians.

He expressed gratitude to VP Boakai for selecting him as his running mate, and pledged to remain submissive to ensure good governance and development.

Speaker Nuquay said all Liberians will have their share of the development that will take place during their administration.

Vice President Boakai renewed his commitment to develop the country to a level that every Liberian would be proud of.

He reiterated his commitment to connecting the country with paved roads to enhance economic activities as well as introducing initiatives to improve the living standards of every Liberian.

Boakai, however, called on supporters and Unity partisans for a one round victory, noting that a one round victory will save the country from an economic burden.


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