Margibians at Loggerheads, Speaker Nuquay Pleads for Calm

Speaker Emmanuel Nuquay, vice presidential candidate on the UP ticket

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Emmanuel Nuquay, has called on citizens of Margibi County to put aside their differences and work together for the interest of the country.

Speaker Nuquay made the call last Friday at a program marking the official endorsement of the candidacy of Vice President Joseph Boakai, held in Kakata by Margibi United for Common Purpose.

He explained that in the history of Liberia’s elections, Margibi County has never put up a vice presidential candidate, but that under the leadership of VP Boakai “we have been given the opportunity, which requires the participation of all citizens in the county.”

“Let us put aside all of our differences; and if I have wronged anyone in any way, I am sorry. But I urge you, fellow citizens of Margibi, to please support the Boakai and Nuquay ticket, with togetherness we can deliver the best results for the betterment of our country,” he appealed.

He said he has worked tirelessly to ensure unity among people in the county, adding that he least expected to be selected as a running mate to the Vice President, adding that it happened because of God and his humble life.

“I have endeavored to work for peace throughout my life. We established the People Unification Party (PUP) in 2014 with the vision of unity which has yielded fruits, but greater things will happen in the county and country with the support of all citizens for a better leadership that will provide better education, roads and include all citizens regardless of tribe of religion,” he said.

He apologized to his fellow citizens for whatever differences that have brought divisions in the county and called on them to make history for the first time to have a son of Margibi become Vice President, if elected.

Following his statement, several citizens told the Daily Observer that there are perceived differences between Nuquay and Representative Ben Fofana of District #4, which should be settled for the common good of the county and the country.

“We (citizens in this county) believe that the Speaker should work along with other county officials to settle their differences. When they go into caucus and come back to us in a peaceful agreement, then we will join our county leaders to push for greater change,” citizens interviewed told this newspaper.

According to 40 year old Madam Felicia Johnson, a resident of Kakata, the actual problem emanated from the two county lawmakers who are reportedly at loggerheads.

“Representative Fofana is a member of the People’s Unification Party of which Nuquay is part, but they are divided today because Nuquay has endorsed the chairman of the PUP Margibi County chapter as a candidate to run for the seat of District #4 Representative position in this election, which Fofana is occupying now,” she said.

Fofana is not satisfied with Nuquay’s decision to pit someone against him, she added: “But it’s our hope that two of them will come together since Nuquay has apologized to us.”

She said the county is at a very difficult stage because the citizens are now divided, with the majority in favor of Fofana, especially District #4, which carries the majority of the population. She, therefore, called on their leaders to immediately find an amicable solution to the problem.

For Mr. Rufus Tokpa, he explained that the final decision is left with Speaker Nuquay to get back to the citizens and make things clear, and to ask his candidate to withdraw from the process and allow Fofana to remain since the PUP and the UP are in a coalition.

Mr. Tokpa said: “This issue requires a town hall meeting so we the elderly people can talk to our children for them to forget and forgive each other for the sake of Mama Liberia.

“We are willing to support Joseph Boakai because he has set an example and this will go a long way by choosing one of our sons, we will continue to preach peace and very soon our citizens will become one.”


  1. How can two persons from the same party be contesting for the same position in the same district # 4? Didn’t they have a primary election to decide who the PUP would field for that position? Or is the PUP chairman running as an independent candidate?

    I don’t get it.

  2. Hey Mr. Speaker please settle the issue with Mr. Fofana and the other guy in margibi to avoid trouble for our Boakai/Nauquay ticket in that county. We can’t afford to lose this election to any congua candidate.

  3. In addition to this conflict, Boakai himself is supporting another candidate from UP for that same seat. God help!!

  4. I think the speaker is the problem in Margibi. He hold grudge in his heart and, always secreting people and claiming to be the God father or whatever he calls it. Don’t let him fool you into believing he is an agent of peace. He always start war with other people, why be so wicked to your fellow man just because he refuses to agreed with you in taking the County funds. Saying you will campaign against Mr. Fofana and ensure he lost the election is an illusion Mr. Speaker. Finally, please step down as speaker because you are contesting and as such you can’t control our Country money..


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