Margibi Rural Women Rally to Support Rep. Fofana

--Outlines the empowerment of women as key reason

Rep. Fofana of district #4 of Margibi County

With a few months to the holding of the October 2017 presidential and representative elections, rural women of electoral district #4 in Margibi County have promised to support their incumbent lawmaker Ben A. Fofana.

The President of the Margibi County Rural Women, Esther J.S. Clarke, said they have decided to support the Margibi County electoral district #4 Representative’s second term bid because he has lived up to his 2011 campaign promises to the rural women of Margibi.

Madame Clarke named the purchase of land and subsequent construction of a guesthouse for the rural women and the Margibi Chapter of the Women in Peace Building Network WIPNet among other things.

“Let me say this, our Representative has over the years thought fast by looking at key things he promised during his campaign, so we have decided to support his second term bid,” she said.

She told this paper that the rural women of Margibi County, specifically electoral district #4, were not wrong for electing Ben A. Fofana as their lawmaker in 2011.

At the same time a female town Chief of Vartika in district#4, Madame Mitta Sankolo, also indicated that Representative Ben A. Fofana, through the Legislative Support Project, constructed a town hall that is now being used by residents to settle matters and discuss issues concerning the town.

Madame Sankolo said the construction of the town hall has brought serious relief to residents, because prior to its construction in 2013 residents of Vartika town used open air spaces whenever they received guests or held meetings.

The Women’s Advisor of Lackata in district #4, Madame Esther Ricks, also boasted about the construction of the women’s hall and police station in their area by Rep. Fofana through the Legislative Support Project.

Madame Ricks said before the construction of the police station in Lackata the crime rate was seriously on the rise, for which citizens were living in complete fear and panic.

“Even having a place to discuss whenever we received guests was very difficult. As a result we used to take our guests to our porches, something that brought serious embarrassment. But by the grace of God we kept talking with our lawmaker, and he constructed for us a modern women’s hall,” Madame Ricks indicated.

It may be recalled that the citizens of electoral District #4 in Margibi County recently petitioned Rep. Fofana to seek a second term for the numerous contributions he has made to his district.

Other projects completed in electoral District #4, according to youth leader Alexander Williams, include: the Sherman farm peace hall, the cuttington junior college extension of the annex, Jambo Village Community Bridge connecting Gio community, Peter Sayklon orphanage school extension project among others.


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