Margibi District #1 Communities Get 6 Hand Pumps

Mr. Brown sets the stage as Rep. Tarponweh (far right) with the locals at the dedicatory ceremony of one completed hand-pump.

Hundreds of residents of Brown and Kpayan’s Towns in Margibi Electoral District #1, on Wednesday, September 4, 2019, received six hand-pump wells while a number of others are said to be undergoing construction in other parts of the District.

The initiative was carried out by ‘Life Water International’ Liberia chapter through the lobby and influence of the District’s Lawmaker, Representative Tilberosa S. Tarponweh.

The Managing Director of Life Water International, Reverend Steven Varfee said during the dedication of the six hand pump wells, other than the Brown and Kpanyan Towns, the project is expected to target over thirty other communities in the District.

Varfee said the construction of the wells to help people, mainly of who live in remote communities, have access to safe drinking water, is a mission that will only succeed when all of Liberia’s residents have access to safe drinking water.’

“While you are thanking us for the service we provide, we, too, are grateful that we have a good partnership with you through your Lawmaker. He is a good friend and he cares about your well-being,” he said, adding: “He pushed us, through frank dialogues to come here and serve you.”

Varfee added that all the remaining towns, villages and hamlets yet to have access to safe drinking water in Margibi District #1 will have received their own share of Life Water’s hand pump wells.

Rep. Tarponweh commended Life Water International for being supportive to the project and challenged the beneficiaries to wisely use the facilities, because doing so will embolden him and his partners to do more across the district.

He committed his office to constructing additional hand pumps through Life Water in the District and echoed the need for proper maintenance.

Meanwhile, Tarponweh has officially disclosed that the Du-River collapsed bridge reconstruction will shortly commence in two to three weeks as of the day of the dedication of the wells.

He said that the government and the Management of Firestone Liberia have finalized discussion on the rebuilding of the bridge. He expressed his thanks to Firestone and the Government “for listening to the cry of the people.”

“Within the next few weeks, your suffering will be over. The reconstruction of the Du-River collapsed bridge will start in the next two to three weeks. We already have the contractors,” Rep. Tarponweh said.

Firestone Du-River Bridge, which collapsed in mid-2017

According to a source close to the matter, the Government of Liberia and Firestone have yet to open up discussions in earnest to work out the details concerning the reconstruction of the bridge. According to the source, the parties are expected to meet in about two weeks to begin negotiating the details of the entire project.

It may be recalled that, in mid-2017, the Du-River Bridge, situated along the Harbel 15-Gate road in Firestone, collapsed as result of the weight of an excessively overloaded truck carrying crushed rocks for the Roberts International Airport runway project.

The Harbel 15-Gate route is the primary access route to Firestone Medical Center (Du-Side) but movement along the route has been impeded since the collapse of the bridge The reconstruction of the bridge will again bring relief to people who usually commute along the route.

The residents of the two towns thanked Rep. Tarponweh and his partner (Life Water International) for such an initiative and promised to properly maintain the hand-pumps.

They expressed happiness because the provision of the hand pumps has provided the medium for them to access safe drinking water.

“Thanks, Rep. Tarponweh, for giving us life through water. We will uphold the maintenance of the pumps. For the bridge issue, you have been the lead campaigner or advocate for the reconstruction of that bridge. Thanks also for your fight which is bearing fruitful results”, Charles Pewole, Brown’s Town Chief said.

For decades now, residents of rural District #1 in Margibi have been fetching drinking water from streams, creeks and swamps, but this way of life is set to come to an end through the availability and use of the newly constructed hand-pump wells.

In a related development, Rep. Tarponweh also recently donated a number of life jackets to canoe peddlers who are transporting residents of the District and others visiting across the Du-River and over hundred plastic chairs to the a number of Churches in Marshall.

The Churches that benefited from Tarponweh’s gesture were the Church of Pentecost, Musama Church International, the Church of Jerusalem International, the Twelve Apostles Church, Shepherd Liberia Church and the Glorious White United Pentecostal Church.

Others are, the Episcopal Church, the Presbyterian Church, the Victory World Assembly Church, God Will Baptist Church, First United Methodist Church, Apostolic Faith Church and Church of Christ.

At the Church of Pentecost, Pastor Samson G. Martin commended Rep. Tarponweh for being punctilious, referencing that, “Jesus Christ healed ten leprous persons, but only one person came back and thanked Him.”


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