Margibi County Legislative Caucus Condemn Weala’s Mob Violence

The Baypolue Magisterial Court near Weala was burned by angry motorcyclists

— Urges Gov’t to use CSDF to rebuild destroyed properties

Margibi County Legislative Caucus has termed as barbaric, unacceptable and a flagrant violation of the law the violent incident that took place in Weala, Margibi County on Monday, April 1. The riots resulted in the destruction of the police depots in Weala and in Baypolue, the Baypolue Magisterial Court and several other privately-owned buildings as well as businesses in protest of the death of Moses Wolopaye, a 21-year-old motorcyclist.

The secretary general of the Caucus, Rep. Ivar K. Jones (Margibi #2), informed journalists that the actions of the angry protesters are “reckless in disregard to the value of properties and human lives.” The caucus however extended regrets to the bereaved family.

“We are exceedingly shocked by the mob violence, which took place in Weala Town, Margibi County early Monday, resulting to the burning of valuable properties including a magisterial court and privately-owned businesses,” Rep. Jones said on behalf of the caucus.

“Our law does not support, sanction, or condone mob violence in any form and manner, as well as individuals or institutions taking the law into their hands. We therefore detest those actions,” he said.

“In spite of the violence, we also want to extend our regrets and equally sympathize with the bereaved family of the late Moses Wolopaye,” Rep. Jones added.

Meanwhile, the caucus has appealed to the government to rebuild the two police stations and the court with money allotted in the County Social Development Fund (CSDF).

Rep. Jones warned against ‘trivial arguments among some residents which suggests that the government should use the CSDF to rebuild the two police stations and the magisterial court with urgency.

The Margibi County lawmaker said such a decision can only be decided by the people of the county, and the choice cannot be made by the government.

The county LINA correspondent on Monday reported that, besides the destruction of the two police stations and the Baypolu Magisterial Court, the motorcyclists also destroyed several other businesses, among them a building owned by local businessman, Stephen Tokpah, (alias ‘Park it Better’).


  1. RIP Mr. Wolopaye, the motorcyclist are helpful when it comes to transportation in Liberia, but violence is not the answer. When you destroyed what we have, that will not solve your problem.


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