Many Bank on Dr. Jones’ Help if He is Elected President

Dr. Jones says he remains committed to the struggle of the Liberian people to won their economy

A large group of Bong County citizens recounted to the visiting Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE) presidential candidate, Dr. J. Mills Jones,  their unbearable daily living conditions, and asked him to improve on them if he is elected President of Liberia.

They said Dr. Jones represents a renewed hope for changing the dehumanizing living circumstances of underprivileged Liberians.

“We want to say thank you for coming, and we are very happy to see you because we have heard about you and your good work for the Liberian people, especially the poor people.

“We have suffered so much; for too long they have kept us like this: drinking from creek water, no good education for our children, no good health care. They do not care for us,” Chief Flomo Kerkulah explained to Dr. Jones.

He added: “We support your presidential bid. We hope that God answers our prayer for you to become Liberia’s next president, but please do not forget about us when you are in the Executive Mansion.”

Responding, Dr. Jones said he remains committed to the struggle of the Liberian people to become first-class citizens and major actors in their economy.

“Every Liberian must have equal opportunity to live a better life, no matter where they come from, no matter what tribe or religion they belong to,” Dr. Jones said.

The MOVEE first partisan also spoke against tribalism and sectionalism which are, he said, “never determinants for national development, but undermine social cohesion and national unity.”

Dr. Jones told them “when you go to the polls in October, do not vote on the basis of tribe or where someone comes from. Vote for me because I am the only person in this presidential race you can trust based on what I have done in the past when I was Executive Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia.”

Dr. Jones toured several cities in Bong County, including Salala, Totota, Tokpapolu, Gbatala, Janyea, Botota and Palala, and met with thousands of partisans.


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