Many Bank on Dr. Jones’ Help if He is Elected President

Dr. Jones says he remains committed to the struggle of the Liberian people to won their economy

A large group of Bong County citizens recounted to the visiting Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE) presidential candidate, Dr. J. Mills Jones,  their unbearable daily living conditions, and asked him to improve on them if he is elected President of Liberia.

They said Dr. Jones represents a renewed hope for changing the dehumanizing living circumstances of underprivileged Liberians.

“We want to say thank you for coming, and we are very happy to see you because we have heard about you and your good work for the Liberian people, especially the poor people.

“We have suffered so much; for too long they have kept us like this: drinking from creek water, no good education for our children, no good health care. They do not care for us,” Chief Flomo Kerkulah explained to Dr. Jones.

He added: “We support your presidential bid. We hope that God answers our prayer for you to become Liberia’s next president, but please do not forget about us when you are in the Executive Mansion.”

Responding, Dr. Jones said he remains committed to the struggle of the Liberian people to become first-class citizens and major actors in their economy.

“Every Liberian must have equal opportunity to live a better life, no matter where they come from, no matter what tribe or religion they belong to,” Dr. Jones said.

The MOVEE first partisan also spoke against tribalism and sectionalism which are, he said, “never determinants for national development, but undermine social cohesion and national unity.”

Dr. Jones told them “when you go to the polls in October, do not vote on the basis of tribe or where someone comes from. Vote for me because I am the only person in this presidential race you can trust based on what I have done in the past when I was Executive Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia.”

Dr. Jones toured several cities in Bong County, including Salala, Totota, Tokpapolu, Gbatala, Janyea, Botota and Palala, and met with thousands of partisans.


  1. Hey low information voters, you know you’re being conned, right? God forbid, Mills Jones becomes president, he will act like he don’t even know you guys!

  2. Martin Scott, did you really called our elders and people low-minded? Have you forgotten to know that those are our less fortunate people in terms of education? nevertheless, no one has the right to be so vulgar to the Liberian people. Or is this what the so called educated ones suppose to teach their children? improper, low, bad, wrong, evil, wicked, iniquitous, immoral, sinful… Would you want to be in any of these categories? Brother, we’re and should be far above this!

  3. Always waiting for a Savior, someone to save us, give us this , give us that. As Obama puts it ” WE are the ones We have been waiting for.” Nobody is going to save you, only yourself. Mills can promise the sky, Weah can promise everything free, Boakai can promise jobs, and Cummings can promise a new Liberia but WE are the only ones that will make our lives better.

  4. An anthropologist once said, “Civilization is restless, greedy—it always wants more of what it does not have. Longing propels us into uncharted territories; we go willingly and yet come to resent the journeys we have embarked on.”

    The failure of the Unity Party government was partly due to President Ellen Johnson’s government inability to see that Liberia has indeed changed over the last 35 years. The Liberia she once knew or worked for during the Tubman or Tolbert era no longer exists. Liberians have gone through traumatic changes over the years thus making more Liberians politically radicalized and conscious of the inequalities permeating our society.

    The war destroyed the moral fabric (unity) that once held Liberians together: Today, Our unemployed youths are restless; people living in rural counties are also demanding decentralization; also demanding economic and political equality. Some Liberian politicians failed to understand the urgent needs of the masses. These failed politicians continue to be grossly corrupt and greedy; always demanding more money: the pay to play mentality that has kept Liberia undeveloped.

    These failed politicians’ ambitions are not in the interest of national service but to use government facilities for personal aggrandizement. There is a sense of entitlement among politicians of the hierarchy in Liberia that believed they are above the law. Such push and pull put stress on the failed policies of the UNITY PARTY GOVERNMENT!

    Over thirty years, our entire nation has yet to recover from the psychological trauma of war. Our nation has yet to recover from the economic, social, political, and educational damage from the war.

    Not until these so-called “saviors-of-the-oppressed”, “fly-by-night”, “Boakai-stay-too-long”, and “Johnny-just-come” politicians running for political office developed concrete plans to deal with Liberia’s systemic problems: poverty, disease, rampant corruption, disunity, national identity, psychological wounds, antiquated laws, educational backwardness, and the vast economic inequalities in Liberia, I guarantee that no army, no police, nor government can deter the will of such madness (disorderliness, lawlessness) that is rampant in Liberia today or which has the propensity to erupt under future government.

    We do not only have an incompetent leadership problem in Liberia; Liberia has archaic or antiquated laws that are counterproductive to its economic development. Our political power is too centralized thus creating a pedestal for an imperial presidency.

    Our dysfunctional system or centralized system is preventing physical reconstruction, preventing human development to go hand-in-hand with economic and moral reconstruction.

    This is a tough order for any presidential candidate: be it George Weah, A.B. Cummings, Joe Bokai, Brumskine, Urey, or Dr. Mill Jones who wants to be president: to put “HUMPTY DUMPTY…. LIBERIA….. BACK TOGETHER AGAIN!!!!

    • A.C; inspite of the many set backs, the Liberian Government under the leadership of Lady Sirleaf did not fail. EJS is surely not leaving office; as when she first took office. She took over a FAILED Nation, Liberia; with an annual BUDGET of a mere 80 million U.S DOLLARS. That’s no longer the case. Time and Space don’t allow me to list her many achievements. You only have to have a good eyes-sight, to see for yourself. Under EJS’ LEADERSHIP, your and I can freely now freely critique the Liberian Government; with out fears of authority. This was never before the case in Liberia. That alone, is a remarkable accomplishment. Lady Sirleaf have LAID the foundation for fighting corruptions in Liberia. No Doubt! It happened under her watch; freedom of speech. By the way, don’t forget to tell those private DIAMOND and GOLD miners; some of whom you know very well, to pay their honest/fair royalties to the Liberian Government. Let’s build on the POSITIVES. Give credits, where due. How about that?

  5. Whether good or bad to some, the voice of the Liberian people will be heard. Any physical violence intended to disrupt this election, regardless of the level or source, will be captured by the power of the silent majority. This election will be held in peace. Vote violence out to get the actual factual President for a legitimate count.
    Gone in peace to 57% silent majority in the interest of the Liberian nation and its people. Let the people know.

  6. Remember these 3. Voting your conscience is also a right to abstain or remain silent. (2) Separate the Church from the state. Once on pulpit before to bring the message to the congregation from God. Than, after deciding to serve the state podium, stay where you are and never return as a preacher. Conversely, once decided to preach holy words of God, do not get involve or go back to state numbers. (3) The silent majority is the most powerful right now in Liberia with 57% register voters brought forward to a smooth election transit of the new next President of the Republic of Liberia enacted and scheduled for October 10, 2017.
    Gone in silence in the interest of the Liberian Nation and its people.


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