“Many Liberians Suffering From Hypertension”

Jowo Samah Weston, U.S. based Liberian medical practitioner, in an interview with the Daily Observer after the testing exercise.

Warns Jowo Samah Weston  

A United States (U.S.) based medical practitioner, Jowo Samah Weston, has observed that high blood pressure (Hypertension) is common among many Liberians.

Weston is a Liberian who works in the U.S. as a registered nurse.

High blood pressure is determined by the amount of blood the patient’s heart pumps and the amount of resistance to blood flow in the victim’s arteries.

Weston made the observation over the weekend when several patients at the R. H. Ferguson Clinic in Chicken Soup Factory were tested and diagnosed with the health condition through the quantum magnetic resonance body analyzer (QMRA).

The QMRA is a 21st century health instrument that determines and analyzes health conditions through the signal of electromagnetic waves emitted from cells in the patient’s body.

A laptop displaying the scanning process of the quantum magnetic resonance body analyzer (Photo Credit: Daily Observer)

“I noticed that a majority of those we tested had hypertension, which they didn’t know about, and we recommended several treatments and lifestyle changes,” Weston said.

According to her, poor diet and the lack of regular exercise are factors leading to the rise in cases of high blood pressure in Liberia.

Weston is the daughter of Montserrado District #12 Representative, Dr. George Beyan Samah.

She said that additional work still needs to be done in the rebuilding process of the country’s health sector, as basic hygiene practices are still lacking.

“Basic standard precaution in things that we do are lacking. There is no running water, which is important for washing hands,” she observed.

Prior to her return to the U.S. after the launch of the ‘free medical testing’ over the weekend, she disclosed that she was working on several medical-related proposals aimed at improving the country’s health sector, especially in Montserrado County District #12.

One of the patients being scanned

At the climax of day-one of the ‘free medical testing service,’ the officer-in-charge at the R. H. Ferguson Clinic, Felecia Tulay, thanked Weston and Rep. Samah for the equipment, and pleaded with them to extend the testing service to other parts of the country.

“This machine has helped our people a lot, because we don’t do some of these tests here and have to refer them to bigger health centers in the country,” she said.

Several of the patients who benefited from the free medical tests thanked the district’s lawmaker and his family for providing them the service in the district.

Over 100 persons from various communities across the district and its immediate environs assembled at the clinic to determine their health status.


  1. Ms. Samah Weston is correct! But here is the problem. Liberians had endured little
    over 85% unemployment for the past 12 years of Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf reign of
    terror. That is what giving Liberians high blood pressure. I mean 12 consective
    years and you care less as a president! What a dog eat dog affairs!

  2. A simple blood pressure cuff will tell you that folks have high blood pressure you don’t need quantum magnetic resonance for that.


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