“Many Deaths Emerging Due to Domino Effect of Ebola”

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A Pro-Democratic institution, Pro-Life Media Initiative, says the domino effect of  Ebola is fast becoming a catastrophe, hence it is urging the government of Liberia to reopen major referral hospitals to save the lives of thousands who are dying of curable diseases.

The Executive Director of Pro-Life Media, Henry B. Flomo, told the Daily Observer in an exclusive interview yesterday that they have observed that each day there are numerous cases in Communities in Monrovia and in the rural parts of the country of increasing deaths from such curable illnesses as malaria, typhoid and even labor pain.  

"Because of the level of awareness on the ferocity of the Ebola virus, ailing people are left to die of minor ailments in communities. Where there are helping hands, health Centers are either filled or closed, thus leading to the demise of many," Mr. Flomo lamented.

He added: “Pro-Life Media also wants government to motivate Health Workers throughout the country by providing them with insurance and all necessary equipment to facilitate a safe and smooth working environment.

Statistics put the death rate of Health Workers, as a result of Ebola, close to 30% overall, which is quite alarming and dangerous, as health workers continue to remain demotivated and exposed to the notorious virus.”

The pro-democracy group is also urging both the Ministries of Internal Affairs and Health and Social Welfare to take Data of suspected Ebola corpses being gathered from Communities in and outside Monrovia for proper delineation when the Virus is finally defeated.  According to Pro-Life Media, it is a known fact that not every corpse abandoned in communities is Ebola-related.

Besides, the Group is cognizant that there will be family tracing of relatives and loved  ones dying during this horrific period in our nation's history, thus proper data of all remains is important.

Meanwhile, Pro-Life Media is happy with the level of awareness on the Ebola outbreak because of measures instituted by the National Task Force on Ebola, headed by President Ellen Johnson-Sileaf.

Though expected earlier than later, the Ebola prevention measures by the Task Force is making the fight containable, especially given the fact that more and more citizens,  including traditionalists, Christians and Muslims, have come to believe that Ebola is real.  

Pro-Life Media also welcomes the participation of politicians and well-meaning Liberians in the nationwide campaign to eradicate Ebola from Liberia and  the sub region.

However, a statement from the Liberian government, through the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism, says the government is exerting  fervent efforts to reopen referral hospitals including the John F. Kennedy Medical Center, Redemption and other medical institutions in the leeward counties.


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