‘Many Civil Servants Now Live on Sell-pay…’

Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, Politicsl Leader, Alternative National Congress

CPP reacts to President Weah’s Annual Message

Opposition political parties under the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) have debunked a statement by President George M. Weah during his annual message that the current state of the nation  “stable”. The CPP described the statement by the President as “untrue.”

Members of the CPP, coming with an opposing response to the President’s assertion are Alexander Benedict Cummings, Political Leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Benoni W. Urey of the All Liberian Party (ALP); Senator Nyonblee Kargar-Lawrence of the Liberty Party (LP), and former Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai of the Unity Party.

The parties’ pronouncement was contained in a statement delivered at a press conference in Monrovia, read by Mr. Cummings. Whenever the President delivers his or her state of the nation address to the National Legislature, it is normal for political pundits to issue responses containig their reservations or commendations based on what they viewed about the speech.

According to Mr. Cummings, contrary to what the President said, “The state of our nation is weak. Many civil servants now live on sell-pay and digging a hole cover hole” means.

He said market-women, street vendors and small business people who depend on their daily hustles to feed and educate their children are struggling to provide food for their families or pay school fees because businesses are doing poorly.

Mr. Cummings said Liberians are hardworking and resilient people with enormous potential, but it is unfortunate to see them working hard daily to earn a decent living in the presence of tense economic hardship in the country currently.

He said the people are not responsible for the current economic hardship in Liberia, adding that the President in his 3rd annual message blamed the economic woes on trade and geopolitical factors, projecting 1.4% growth in 2022.

“If this was the case, our neighbors and other countries in the region would experience similar, if not the same, economic situations. However, all of our neighbors are experiencing economic growth and projecting high growth for this year alone, 2020,” Cummings said.

Mr. Cummings said inflation increased to 31%, the exchange rate went as high as L$209 to one US Dollar, and the fiscal deficit hit $200 million.

According to Cummings, Liberian-owned and foreign businesses are losing money and laying off workers while market-women are forced to sell without profits.

“Last year, Sime Darby laid off hundreds of workers and closed its operations. Firestone also laid off 800 workers. Liberians are finding it more difficult to provide for their families today than they did before this government came to power,” he said.

“For example, Sierra Leone is projecting 4.20%, Guinea 6.10% and Ivory Coast 6.5%,” Cummings argued. “What this means is that our country will continue lagging behind our neighbors while our people continue to suffer.”

He said the economy is in terrible shape with the prices on goods and services, from rice to transportation are increasing daily while unemployment, particularly youth unemployment, continues to rise.

“Teachers, nurses, doctors, and civil servants are not being paid on time. Liberians have to stand in long queues at banks to withdraw Liberian Dollars [as though] we are a bankrupt country and now we are in long queues to get petroleum products due to shortage on our market. The crime rate, to include incidence of rape, armed robbery, etc has increased,” said Cummings.

Mr. Cummings said that Liberia is further divided along several lines and, sadly for them, President Weah did not offer any immediate or long-term actions aimed at helping to unite Liberians.

“Reconciliation was not mentioned even though he recognized the need for peace in Liberia, forgetting that peace is not the silence of guns; and there cannot be true peace without reconciliation. Our people are suffering and the economic hardship continues unabated,” he said.

Mr. Cummings said the CPP commended the President for the promise to invest in youth empowerment programs, expressing hope that his promise will be fulfilled in order to impact the lives of young people and provide trainings and job opportunities.

He said the government harmonization is compounding the suffering of hard-working public and civil servants by reducing their salaries.

“It is unacceptable to be reducing civil servants’ salaries that are not paid on time by 30-50% while prices of everything- rice, oil, chicken, and transportation, – are increasing by 30%. This is not harmonization,”  Cummings stressed.

“This is a wicked and malicious attack on our people’s standard of living. Instead of harmonizing workers’ salaries, it is time for the President to harmonize his frequent private jet travels, cutback on building more mansions for himself and cutback on the corruption that has taken center-stage in his government,” he added.

Mr. Cummings said President Weah was not truthful when he stated that he had met his promise of a 25% salary cut and was the first to have his salary harmonized.

He said, “Unfortunately, the President was untruthful when he reported that citizens have enjoyed their rights under this administration and there has been no arrest nor guns shot in response to protests.”

Cummings said, on the contrary, peaceful civil action, which is the bedrock of democracy, is being denied as was seen with the unjustifiable dispersal of peaceful citizens protesting against current economic hardship and governmental corruption as noted by The Independent National Commission on Human Rights (INCHR).

Substantiating the CPP’s claim against the President’s statement, Cummings noted that 26 peaceful protesters were summarily arrested by the government during the January 6 protest, one shot dead in a peaceful protest in Kingsville, Number 7 Montserrado County, and two other juveniles injured by state security officers under this very administration.

Cummings further noted that in the case of corruption and unaccountability as it relates to political governance, they remain key features of this government, a comment he said is confirmed by the 2019 Corruption Perception Index report released last week ranking Liberia as one of the worst decliners in the fight against corruption worldwide.

Hannah N. Geterminah is a 2016 graduate of the Peter Quaqua School of Journalism with diploma and series of certificates in journalism from other institutions. She has lots of knowledge/ experience in human interest, political, Health, women and children stories. Hannah has worked with the Daily Observers Newspaper and the Liberian media for the past years and has broken many stories. Contact reporter; geterminah1847@gmail.com WhatsApp;0770214920


  1. Cummings, when you introduced yourself to Liberia you promised business expansion and employment. What happened to all the promises? Who do you think employs people? Or are you suggesting government should put everyone on payroll?

    I am one person who admires you but I suspect you now believe that all of Liberia’s problems are political.

    • Ma, Liberia’s problem is political. Get in the right political leadership, usher in qualified representatives and senators, you will see what will happen in Liberia.

      We will surpass all our neighbors just in 5 years in terms of every economic indicators. Our current problem is the political choice you made. Things will worsen, believe me. Weah is a big guesser.
      He will follow any gullible winds. No direction and no flairs for economic planning.

      • Mr. Dolo
        Do you have any idea why members of the opposition in the legislature are not very vocal on crimes, the unaccounted USD 25 millions , the billions missing in Liberian Dollars? I believe your ANC has couple of legislators and they are all in bed with Weah’s CDC. Am I wrong?

        • I think we have at most 3 lawmakers in the house (not sure of the number). The CDC is the last political party we can ever go in bed with. The Liberian people got zealous for popularity. We will all feel the heat. In 2023, I am sure they will remember the lessons learnt from sensitization campaigns by national and international NGOs, during which millions of dollars were spent.

          Don’t worry brother, we will get things right for the benefit of all. This is not about passion. We have the technical know-hows. We know how to vet and get the right people in the right place.

    • This ass called Alex Cummings does not know he is wasting his time to think that IN THIS DAY AND AGE after the twelve years of President Weah from the Southeast, the Liberian people will again subsequently take another President again from the Southeast. He has forgotten what happened to him in 2017 and his 1 digit not more than 6% election result. Cummings, you can wear all the country gowns, the Liberian electorate will NEVER AGAIN vote a Congor man to the presidency.

      • Mr. Tamba,

        Greeting from me to you. Peace unto you, no fuss brother.

        First, Cummings is not a Congau, but a Grebo man from a humble beginning (middle income family).
        Besides, avoid tribalism and nepotism. The Congau people are equally Liberians as you and I. They have the same right as you and I. Montserrado is for them.
        The American Colonization Society bought that piece of land for them. Stop going down this line.
        Know that they are one of the educated and richest groups of people in Liberia. They are powerful, respect them.
        Finally, stop abusive words on such open blog, even when using a pseudonym. It is uncivilized.

      • Nathaniel
        The part of Liberia where Cummings comes from shouldn’t be a factor in the decision one makes to vote or not to vote for him. Because Weah is from the Southeast that shouldn’t disqualify other Southeasterners from contesting the presidency.

  2. Thank you, Your Excellency.
    Let him keep lying to his partisans, not us ooooh!
    For us, we know what he represents.

    Love is not ONLY SAYING THINGS. You must know HOW TO GET THINGS DONE. You can only know how to get things done through intellectual brainstorming. If “la na book we’ll eat”, then we will eat sand.

    I hope he reads about the economic projections of neighboring countries. I can tell you the Ivory Coast should have been targeting double digits if political tensions were not omnipresent in this country.

  3. Although the CPP refused to mention both the 16 billion dollars in local currency and the misused of the 25 million US dollars as old news to continue reminding the citizens about, but the fact of mentioning the Kingsville killing and injuries of others bystanders, all look like future indictments for the regime moving forward in the pursuit of accountability and responsibility under the rule of law. These political events as indictments of the are meant to set the record straight and hold the regime accountable that no one is above the law under the rule of law. These detail indictments must be seen as a warning to the regime that they will faced further prosecution under the rule of law moving forward. It is well noted and documented without fear to prosecute. Not just a mere response to the Presidency State of the nation’s address. They are planning and laying out the facts as they come. It is no brainer to only say Ellen Johnson Sirleaf regime did the same and was never indicted or prosecuted. But to sustain the rule of law under a constitutional democracy, it is a common knowledge that says under the rule of law , prosecute or be prosecuted for the same offence, if the rule of law and democracy are to be forever sustained. That was the political message and its response to the regime of George Weah.

  4. The CoP and their “frontier force” representative Alexander Cummings, has displayed ignominy in Weah’s State of the Nation address. To some Liberians, Weah’s message did not remove mountains. To some, the speech did precisely what it was intended to do. The truth of the matter is that everyone is entitled to his or her opinions. So really, it’s a matter of conjecture. I will leave at that!

    On the line of rebuttal, I think a lot of Liberians, especially a lot of ANC sympathizers and their CoP affiliates are crestfallen about Cummings’ sham response. Cummings’ redundant statements are things we’ve known before. In his response, there was a great deal of mumble-jumble and no poise. In some cases, Cummings displayed ambivalence. With such a behavior, it is highly unlikely for Cummings to be taken seriously by a lot of skeptical voters come 2023.

    Let’s take a look:
    Weah states that the country is stable. Cummings disputes the use of the word “stable” but prefers the word “weak”. Okay, Cummings has a right to choose any word. But in defense of his theory, Cummings claims that because of economic hard times, poor Liberians do a lot of sell-pay and dig-hole-cover- hole in order to survive.

    Response: Long before Cummings was born, Liberians did “sell-pay and dig-hole-cover-hole. Cummings’ street jargon is old injudicious stuff. There’s no Liberian who will dispute the fact that the poor vendors and market men and women did not sell their products in order to support their respective families. Furthermore, the key word that Cummings skipped over in his rebuttal is “recession”. There was recession in Liberia before Weah became president! I am not proud of the slow pace of economic development in Liberia neither do I think any sensible Liberian is. But to say hard times exist in Liberia because of Weah’s presidency is tantamount to being cynical. Cummings professes to be a nice guy. I take him at his word. But his misleading statements and attacks are downright gaucherie.

    Cummings claims that rape cases are on the rise, unemployment is skyhigh, civil servants are not paid on time and a litany of issues.

    Cummings is right. Again I must repeat… wrong is wrong. I do not put up blind defense. Weah has an obligation to fight corruption and crime with everything he has in his power. But the truth must be told. High unemployment and cases of rape were there before Weah became president. Weah was overwhelmingly voted in because a lot of Liberians felt that Johnson Sirleaf and her minions squandered the country’s wealth during her presidency. There’s truth to that. If good sound economic decisions had been made during the Johnson-Sirleaf years, Liberia would have been in a better shape today. I am not making excuses for Weah. My argument is that Cummings has nothing new to offer, because he is politically and economically bankrupt.

    Finally Cummings rebuttal was based on condemnation. Maybe, Cummings decided to withhold the disclosure of his economic ideas this time because of his previous lapsus-lingae statements. Example, while campaigning in 2017, Cummings promised to create 100,000 jobs in three months. To some of us and a cadre of some Liberian intellectuals, Cummings’ promise to create 100,000 jobs in a time span of three months was not only bogus and infantile, but rather a slip of tongue. If it were a “slip of tongue” statement on his part, it’s understood. Everyone of us commits an error. The fact that Cummings had never made any attempt to clarify what he meant indicates that he is a neophyte.

    Cummings has a right to criticize. But Cummings did not have anything new to offer. It was the same old jazz.

    Liberians, Liberians, L- i- b- e-r-i-a-n-s, be careful with what you ask for. Be careful with CoP and its affiliates.


    • Well balanced observation, to political ostriches, that is. Eugene Nagbe better watch out for the next cabinet reshuffle.

    • Sir, I am compelled to reply to your criticism of Cummings’ rebuttal, because I consider myself a bona fide ANC partisan (though without membership ID yet)

      First, let me salute a dear brother, Tony Leewaye. Hang in there, bro. Let’s keep up the fight for a better Liberia.

      Now back to my Uncle Hney, I, DOLO, am a technocrat. I like to have figures before my eyes before I comment or condemn.
      In all your analyses, you always blame Ellen for handing over a poor economy to Weah. Didn’t Weah say publicly that he was going to FIX things, thereby receiving a standing ovation at the SKD from his partisans?

      Now, I admonish you to consult our (Liberia) economic data on the IMF website.
      When Ellen took over, all economic indicators were in ascending order until the outbreak of the Ebola virus disease. The indicators started being green again when the disease was brought under control.
      Look at the figures from whence Weah took over. Everything is in descending order. Please look before we continue the argument, or else I will publish them here.
      Everything is plummeting; from economic to security indices, the country no longer attracts businesses, tourists, direct foreign investments, etc.
      Can’t you see that?

      Leave Cummings alone. He’s not a politician. He doesn’t use words vainly. Professionals don’t babble or verbose, they use specific terms appropriately. If you want to see what he offered or will offer, visit his 2017 campaign platform. It’s from there, and after watching the debate and follow him, that I threw my support for him.

      Open the competition, question him to explain how he could create the 100,000 jobs in 3 months, before and panel of experts, and let him be debunked publicly.
      Your declaration is neither prophetic nor biblical. Tell your guy to go to debate next time. He should not hide behind his ignorance, ineptitude and incompetence to blindly lead the Liberia populace to its demise in a country of honey and milk. We need insightful, inspirational and innovative leadership in Liberia. This is no trial and error game. We are not playing football.

      Let’s assume there was recession, Weah said he could fix it.
      The figures before our eyes before his accession showed no signs of recession, Sir.
      Instead, Weah is bringing recession to Liberia. Growth rate estimated at 1.4%? gorge!!!!!!!!!!!

      Look, let’s leave this thing. Nothing we can do about it now. The Liberian people will feel the heat and next time, we will know how to vote.

  5. So Liberia’s so-called “geopolitical factors” are embedded in rampant-corruption, incompetence, ineptitude, nepotism, and mismanagement. When the rest of the nations in the region are progressing and protecting their economic growth rates above 4-6%, the Liberian Government of George Weah is telling Liberians that our growth rate is projected at 1.4% up to 2022. Seriously? Quite honestly, geopolitical factors cannot be the reasons for the leadership deficit and criminality in the Liberian society which are major contributing factors to our current situation.

    The broad-day looting of our resources and the unfavorable investment climate, coupled with the lack of a trained work-force should be partly blamed. Additionally, the lack of security and the miscarriage of justice and the lack of rule of laws from the President’s office to officials of his administration should be blamed. The Weah’s Government should not fool Liberians with fancy words for political expediency. In 2021, we will start the process of educating our citizenry about good governance and why Liberia lacks behind other nations in the region. Eventually, Liberia Will Rise when Good Men and Women Stand Up and challenge the status quo. That’s how I see it!

  6. Thanks Mr Alexander Cummings for not joining the unconstitutional revenge-driven step down protest of relentless rabble-rouser Henry Costa, a fellow who thinks he’s the new Pied Piper of Hamelin Town. Anyway, as time goes on, it will be obvious to him that most Liberians aren’t children or gullible fools.

    With that said, everyone expected negative response from CPP, but not this lack of candor. For example, you didn’t mention agencies that deepened hardships such as: 1), Inherited near-recession; 2), Choreographed and coordinated undermining of efforts (since April 2018) to acquire foreign loans needed for reining in runaway inflation; 3), Relentless bad press by partisan media outlets; 4), Continual business-killing protests.

  7. Many economists in the United States are predicting that, “… they expect annual growth at the end of 2019 to be 4.1 percent, slowing further to 2.8 percent in 2020 and 2.5 percent in 2021 before picking up somewhat in 2022 and 2023 (to 3 percent and 3.4 percent, respectively).”

    Now, Liberia’s economic growth is largely dependent upon many external variables particularly the health of the American economy. How will Weah even achieve a modicum of a 1.4% growth rate by 2022 when America herself will be struggling to unreel from a recession by that time?

    I also wonder if Weah knows that under his leadership Liberia is fast approaching a depression? Traditionally, a recession should last for six months the least. A prolonged recession transitions into a depression. Here we are two years into his administration and all economic indicators have pointed towards zero negative job growth and zero economic expansion.

  8. Snowball had been off the farm for years, and yet, everything bad was still blamed on him. Take responsibility for the promises you made to “change for hope.” Did anyone read the Corruption perception index and how Liberia has fallen into the “worst performing” group? Was this the opposition’s fault? You can’t put a round peg in a square hole. Lastly, show that we can discuss issues without resorting to insulting others with a different view.

  9. Comrade Dolo,
    Like Alexander Cummings whom you call your boss, you failed miserably in doing a good damage control in terms of defending his rebuttal statements.

    Dolo: I am an ANC partisan, but not a member.
    Reaction: Only in Liberia can a person become a partisan without being a member of his or her party. In America, it is rather grotesque for anyone to be an Independent, a Republican or a Democrat without being a registered affiliate of either party. Gosh!

    Dolo: You always blame Johnson-Sirleaf for managing the country poorly during her administration (not verbatim).
    Reaction: Yes. I always do. Johnson-Sirleaf may have obtained banking skills in the past. But, her overall management of the government of Liberia during her 12-year reign was poor at best and disastrous at worst. Example, during her presidency, the lawmakers of Liberia obtained humongous pay checks than ever before in the country’s 173-history. Yet while that happened, highly trained Liberian doctors and university professors did not fare well.

    Dolo: Leave Cummings alone. He is not a politician.
    Reaction: Nope. I will not leave him alone. I don’t hate him. Cummings is fair game. And yes, he was not a politician originally. However, during the past decade and a half, Cummings didn’t become apolitical, but rather political. He has been found to be a neophyte. Furthermore, if your shoes fit, you wear them. In other words, if you and your CoP colleagues think Weah is weak, many Liberians who are unaffiliated with the CoP believe that Cummings is also weak. On the line of weakness, Cummings’ past statements bear witness!

    Dolo: Let’s assume that there was no recession during the Johnson-Sirleaf years…(not verbatim)
    Reaction: There’s no reason to assume anything gentleman! There’s incontrovertible evidence that during Johnson-Sirleaf’s presidency recession was alive and well. Unfortunately, things aren’t going too well. But, things will gradually change during the middle half of the year.

    Dolo: Tell your guy to debate next time…(not totally verbatim)
    Reaction: Debate who? Himself? Weah’s opening statement will be a mere introduction of himself….”I am George Manneh Gbekugbeh Jlarkon Weah! I dare any crustacean who calls himself or herself a candidate to step forward”. During that painful moment, Cummings will be so petrified that he won’t bother to talk about his 100,000-job creation nor his experience with Coco-cola company.

    Weah will definitely ask…. “Cummings, where on earth will you get money from to pay the 100,000 Liberians you intend to hire or create jobs for”?

    Cummings….”the missing 16 billion dollars”.
    Weah: Do you know where that missing money is?
    Cummings: Yes.
    Weah: Okay, where is it?
    Cummings: President Gbekugbeh, when they elect me, I will find the missing money.

    Dolo: Let’s leave this thing alone.
    Reaction: You’re kidding. I ain’t leaving that alone. The CoP and its partisans (who are not members) ought to know that Liberia is not up for grasp. Oh no. We the people of Liberia want to see economic growth. Political growth. We want to see good roads, running water throughout the country, reliable 24-hour electricity, textbooks for kids, good doctors. We want to protect the institutions of government. We want a democratic transfer of power, not a protest that calls for a presidential step down.

    Power to the people:
    Mr. Weah is not perfect. None of us passes the perfection threshold. If Weah is unable to win next time, it should be done democratically. He cannot be pushed out through dumb protests. Give the guy a break. You have a right to express your views. But a call to demand a step down is dead wrong.

    Prediction: The recession in Liberia will ease off pretty soon.

    As always, peace.

  10. Replaying my Prophetic Message written in Daily Observer comment in 2017.

    Liberians will reap what they sowed in the 2017 election!!!

    When it comes to voting in this 2017 run-off election between Joe Boakai and George Weah, Liberia is on the verge of doing exactly what Americans blue collared, rural dwellers, some uninformed and disgruntled unemployed Americans did by voting for a popular charismatic billionaire.

    Donald Trump is a lying, con-man who wanted to boost his political stature by fooling the American voters. Many voters did not know Trump was a bad character: an unqualified candidate. He is fast talking. He knows nothing; he is a former reality talk-show host New Yorker.

    Be careful Liberians! We will reap whatever we sowed in this election! Electing George Weah as President to manage the complexities of a fragile country like Liberia is synonymous to disgruntled Americans, without thinking of the consequences, elected unqualified Donald Trump to manage the complicated office of a Super Power Nation.

    Donald Trump is rich and famous. On the contrary, George Weah squandered his wealth but still lives off his old football days’ stardom. However, both men lack moral character, temperament, intellectual fortitude, visionary skill, and critical thinking skills to analyze and execute the office of the presidency in time of difficult circumstances.

    In the case of George Weah, since 2005 the late Bacchus Matthew and other ambitious politicians exploited George Weah’s ignorance and football stardom for their personal aggrandizement. They enabled George Weah to believe that his popularity and soccer prowess qualify him to be president of Liberia….knowing well he is not qualified.

    I have noticed over the years, since the inception of CDC and other mushrooming fly-by-night political parties in Liberia, some of these overnight politicians have no sound economic policy statement or sound governing platforms. Such unpreparedness to govern Liberia is not only germane to candidates running for the presidency; it is also notorious among candidates vying for legislative positions. George Weah dismal performance as a legislator is a testament and a strong predictor to how he will run his government if elected President.

    If the CDC takes power, are they going to resurrect Charles Taylor’s and Samuel Doe’s dictatorial leadership? Or, are they going to resurrect Charles Taylor’s economic insecurity, isolation, chaos, confusion and distraction that led to Liberia’s political instability?

    We are heading to a crucial run-off between Joe Boakai and George Weah. Liberians should think seriously about the consequences of putting our children’s economic future in the hands of these inexperienced, rambunctious, young people who believed their political amalgamation is a strategic game of winning the election. George Weah is a play boy, a womanizer (old habits are hard to break). He will be misled by CDC political opportunists. He lacks formal education, lacks financial discipline and analytical skills. George Weah lacks managerial and leadership skills. He is a flamboyant showman and a social butterfly.

    Between the two candidates left standing, Joe Boakai, a man few years older than me, has the moral character, patience, wisdom, fiscal responsibility, administrative skills ,analytical skills, calmness, and last but not all, experience to be President. These are some of the reasons I plea with my fellow Liberians and those defeated candidates to put Liberia’s economic progress; Liberia’s peace and security first by voting wisely in this pending runoff election. President Sirleaf is selling the soul of Liberia to the young generation (CDC) for her own political gain to escape persecution.

    Let us put the hyper-partisanship nonsense aside and stop living in the moment. I do belong to any political party despite some candidates with fabulous leadership skills were defeated. We should stop sacrificing our children’s future on false promises and fame.

    My fellow Liberians, stop looking at the party! The party is symbolic. Party leaders come and go. Instead, look at the characters of people in these parties who are about to take over the legislative and executive leadership of this fragile country. Think about the consequences of voting on feelings and voting on political euphoria. Instead vote on substance. Vote for character. Vote for qualification. Voting equals life or death of a nation.

    Liberia’s presidency over many years has been about showmanship, dictatorship, personal interest, financial greed, and power. Leadership has never been in the interest of the suffering Liberian people. Voting is not a show! Voting is real!

    My fellow Liberians, we will reap what we sowed.

    Fast forward to 2020: I pray this CDC government matures responsibility and prove my 2017 prophecy wrong!!!

  11. Good morning Mr. Conneh,

    I like to read you Sir. Your posts are always comprehensible and succinct with great wisdom. I hope you are still active in the Liberian society making positive impact wherever you find yourself.

    I am in complete agreement with you with regards to your “prophecy” about the CDC led government. But allow me to use the ‘prediction’ instead of ‘prophecy’ for your foresight of the current government.
    Your prediction is that of the entire sub region. Most African leaders and peoples have really shunned us for the choice we made but for diplomatic reasons and given the respect and esteem they have for the Liberian people, they pretend to collaborate with our government.

    There had been a momentum of real economic revolution growing amongst our West Africa leadership. Bilateral trades and exchange of ideals and technology were high on the agenda to curtail exorbitant overheads and debt burdens on West African governments. This momentum subsided with the election of a couple of leaders and the demise of some constitutionally elected leaderships. However, the dream still lives on!

    As for your choice for Oldman BOAKAI, well, I think it was wise to settle down for the “lesser evil”. I could have voted BOAKAI. I encouraged my people to vote BOAKAI but most of them abstained.
    It could have been wise to maintain some credibility with BOAKAI, but he was NOT the man of the situation. We needed a technocrat to start a sustainable development of Liberia like Rwanda, not a politician. I identified 3 of them but I settled down for the one who could easily unite the Liberian people.
    Without true reconciliation under a fair justice system, nothing significant can begin in Liberia.
    Let the Mandingo man be proud again to call himself a Liberian and the rest of Liberia look at him with admiration not disdain.
    Let the Krahn man find comfort and security in the deepest forests of Nimba without any skepticisms or apprehensions. The Mano or Gio man should equally feel the same assurance to venture into the forests of Grand Gedeh and get married to a Krahn woman. Love needs to be implanted in the hearts of our people. Unfortunately, our religious leaders are still preaching division, tribalism and nepotism. I hope God will give them the wisdom to preach His word.

    Liberians missed out on their time but there is hope as long as there is life. It is never too late to do better in the life of a nation.
    Some posts here indexing Congau or Southerners or Northers or so should not be on the tongue of a people with a common destiny

    However, your prediction about Donald Trump is completely contrary to what is unfolding now. I think you did not take up time to follow him during the campaign trail, hear what he represented and how he perceived the world then.
    The Americans now enjoy the best economy ever in 50 years. All indicators are green. Look at the stock market. The DOW JONES alone has gained more than 11 hundred points. Do you know what this means for a vast and open economy like that of the USA? Trillions of dollars of values added to the economy. Unemployment is at the lowest ever within every minority group.
    Qui dit mieux?
    When it comes to his foreign policy, Trump has built a military to just scare any foes, but not to make war. In no way he will use the military to break down other nations like OBAMA. Had it been for a democratic president or some other republican presidents, Venezuela could have been on fire, Iran could have been feeling the hegemony of the monstrous American war machine, there could have been a real friction or “active” cold war between the USA and Russia, which could greatly jeopardize war peace and greatly hinder the global economy. Today, China is succumbing to a free and fair-trade deal. Our continent Africa has long been a site of substandard goods and services. The Chinese are rethinking production because you and I will go for quality based on the price (the law of demand and supply).

    Let’s pray for our country for the damage to be curtailed.

    Peace unto you!

  12. Liberia is sick because she is not educated in the areas that are mainly needed to develop.
    Most Liberian don’t have the credentials that Liberia needs.
    1) Cummings and the COP do not have those KnowHows.
    2) Current government do not have those KnowHows.
    3) Almost all those other groups do not do not also have the KnowHows. Liberia completely behind, backward for atleast 50 years.

    Again, only the best of our educated with the needed KnowHows can move the country forward.
    Liberia is down for many years to come. Do you guys know what Agriculture is? Most of you already opted for MS Cooper when no agricultural credentials were mentioned.
    Pastors want to head technical areas but were afraid to study those areas.
    Liberian want good hospitals but nobody wants to study that area.
    Our country will not move forward because the book or education is not there.
    Most of you do not know what you are talking about.
    God bless us.
    We must eat Book.

    • correction:
      3) Almost all those other groups do not also have the KnowHows. Liberia is completely behind, backward for atleast 50 years.

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