Mannah Replies Grand Gedeans Demand for Jobs

Executive Mansion press secretary Sam Mannah has been reappointed as deputy managing director for administration at the National Insurance Corporation of Liberia (NICOL).

Presidential Press Secretary Sam Mannah has responded to demands by people calling themselves ‘Sons and Daughters of Grand Gedeh County’ to redirect their political agitation because, according to him, President George Weah is not appointing people to positions based on tribal connections or geographical locations, but rather on their qualification and honesty.

Weah, Mannah said, wants an all inclusive government that will be void of tribal sentiments and class system, noting, “Liberia is bigger than a county.”

Mannah told the Daily Observer via mobile phone that the government has already appointed the Minister of Gender, a Grand Gedean, and others including the superintendent, who will in turn formulate the county’s governance body in consultation with the county’s caucus.

Over the weekend the ‘Sons and Daughters of Grand Gedeh County’ expressed discomfort with President Weah’s silence in addressing their call for equal opportunities regarding appointments in government.

Their expressed discomfort came in the wake of President Weah’s appointment of almost all the ministers and a deputy ministers at various ministries to the exclusion of Grand Gedeans even though there are a good number of them who are said to be well-educated and qualified to hold some top positions in government.

D. Kelvin Clay, president of Grand Gedeh youth and student movement, at a recent press conference in Monrovia, said the citizens are not happy with President Weah’s exclusion of the people from Grand Gedeh in his administration.

To that, Mannah said the President appreciates all who supported him during the campaign period, “but let them be aware that the campaign is over, and it’s about time to focus on rebuilding the country with all, irrespective of specific place of origin.”

“We don’t need a group of oversea Grand Gedeans to occupy government positions, because we have qualified citizens from the county on ground who, during the campaign processes, delivered the county to the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC),” Clay said.

Clay recalled that during the 2017 representative and presidential elections, Sen. Weah (then) promised to give the country back to the common people, “so this is why we all stood the test of time when former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf deliberately excluded us in some ways from the benefits of her administration, including road connectivity. We vigorously campaigned in 2017 ensuring that Weah got the presidency, but today we are about to be left by the wayside again.”

While Clay acknowledged, however, that Weah has appointed Kai G. Farley (former Representative) as Superintendent of Grand Gedeh, he noted that that lone top county position is not sufficient in comparison to the sacrifices the people of the county made to ensure that Weah won the presidential runoff election.

“We the youth and students as well as a lot of our elders had sleepless nights and tough days in ensuring that our voter registration cards were safe and protected from evil-minded people. We saw Weah as the best alternative for our beloved country, more so having followed you carefully from the days of former President, Samuel Kanyon Doe, a Grand Gedean who was murdered,” Clay said.

In a related development, journalists from the Liberia Media Initiative (LMDI) recently paid a visit to Tuzohn, the home town of slain President Doe and sought the views of the residents on President Weah’s pro-poor governance policy.

Majority of the speakers at the LMDI dialogue said they were becoming impatient with Weah for his failure to appoint people from their county, who are said to be qualified, to top governmental positions.

One lady, who claimed to be a sister of President Doe, said her brother contributed to making Weah who he is today, and that the people of Grand Gedeh consider Weah as their own son.

She wants Weah to pave the major roads in the county and provide jobs for the people of Grand Gedeh in return for the sacrifices they have made over the years to make him become president.


  1. I want to appreciate Mr. Mannah for the reply to the Grand Gedeans who are calling on President Weah for more jobs. I want them to know that Liberia is not only for Grand Gedeans. The President did very well for appointing a Grand Gedean as the Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection. At least Grand Gedeans have a ministerial post. Even when our brother and son, the late President Samuel K. Doe was President, he did not appoint Grand Gedeans to all the positions. Why you want President Weah to do that? I want educated Grand Gedeans to use their education to create jobs for themselves and their people. By so doing, they will be contributing to the economy of the country and at the same time their education will be meaningful and useful to their own people.

    • It is good that everybody irrespective of geographical locations is absorbed, but remember government potential as we speak is limited to employ or make everybody to be minister, Deputy Minister or Director for that matter. It the vibrant private sectors if that can be strengthened will buttress government strength with the staggering economy currently. More to that, every Liberian is under obligation constitutionally to participate in the election process and usher in a new government should there be a need. Henceforth, it is not a payback scheme to reward a job for voting. Now that you have a Minister from Grand Gedeh should be able to liaise with friendly govt. bring in money, employ some of you, not to sit down supanely and collect salaries and benefits. That’s how it works.

  2. Even at that, Pres Weah has appointed people from other counties than Grand Gedeh.. let him know that we were marginalized because of being consistence with Weah’s presidency.. WEAH NEEDS TO THINK TWICE!!

  3. Nepotistic attitudes is , perhaps what these Grand Gedeans want. Even in the days of the late Samuel K. Doe and the military regime, not all ministers were Grand Gedean. Liberians have gotten used to government jobs so much that we cannot thrive outside government. Instead of creating lobs for our citizens, we leave foreigners controlling our economy. We have thousands of well trained Liberians in the diasporas who are capable of creating jobs for our fellow country men, however; we are hooked on the idea of working in government, to make a living.

    Foreigners are running “the show”, we are left with picking up the ” crumps”,in our own home. How long will Liberians continue holding the empty bags, while others bags are filled?

    Government jobs is not the only way to livelihood, people.

  4. Grand Gedeans should careful not to bring this presidency to the same slippery sloop the put the late President Doe on. Liberia belongs to “ALL” Liberians. There are no special entitlements for them. Cut it out.

  5. Grand Gedeans should careful not to bring this presidency to the same slippery sloop the put the late President Doe on. Liberia belongs to “ALL” Liberians. There are no special entitlements for them. Cut it out.

  6. Grand Gedeans should careful not to bring this presidency to the same slippery sloop they put the late President Doe on. Liberia belongs to “ALL” Liberians. There are no special entitlements for them. Cut it out.


    I really DON’T understand why would a whole PRES Secretary respond to rumors!! 🤔

    He did not even do his investigation as to the authenticity of the so call GROUP and the person in QUESTION.

    There have been so many issues and attacks in the MEDIA relating to CRITICAL national concerns which I THOUGHT he could have responded to…Instead, he did for a FAKE PROPAGANDA…..especially targeting a group of people who supported the CDC consistently for decades.

    And that’s what the UPist wanted…..but I am sure……people of GRAND GEDEH will not dignify that. We are for SOMETHING and so, we will remain.

    My brother Sam Mannah, some GRAND GEDIANS….like all other Liberians may have complained on FACEBOOK about Jobs….but at no time did, we as a group of PEOPLE or network of students came together to discuss or issues a statement THREATENING AMB Pres George Weah. I urge you to carefully verify MEDIA and PRES releases before responding to calls.

    • Thanks Mr. Barlue for a well rounded respond to a mere gossip turned news by incomptent appointed by Weah to be his press secretary. Im not sure why a so-called press secretary of the republic of Liberia would use gossip and conclude on its authencity without doing his due deligent. I guess this is what to expect of a president who only appoints his friends into key positions irrespective of whether they are fit to be in these positions or not. Instead of losing sleep over these falsehoods, Krahn people should take them as strenght. That Liberians are simply patrify of the Krahn ethic group says a lot about the power embedded within us as a county. We dont need to be part of a broke and corrupt system of government to be relevant in Liberia. Of the 500000 Liberians living in the United States, at least 250000 are Grand Gedeans. That says alot about how God feels about us as his children. We are favored.

  8. That’s the reason the rest of the people of Liberia continue to called the people from grand gedeh trouble maker, the people of bong county made the same demand or argument about not being included in the present administration just two or three weeks ago in the front page news outlets, the press secretary did not reply to their complaints, but went the youths of grand gedeh did, he immediately reply your. People of grand Gedeh your need to learn from your mistakes, the people of Liberia don’t care about your complaint.

  9. This is a complete foolishness from the grand gedeans ! Your think the country for your uh! The same shit Doe did ,your think is what Weah is going to do uh! You are all fools with capital letters … Liberia is for Liberians and not Grand gedeans! You people like fighting and we don’t want war in our country again. You people should go and pick water plastics on the ground! President Weah will not appoint any crocroches ….

    • Chris Waddle, you are one of those young chicks in a man’s body, think it is time you control your messes. Grand Gedeans are not crocroches. they are nationalists, they are freedom fighters, they are heroes. Weah knows best who they are; they don’t betray, they don’t deceive, they are loyalists to the code. I wish Weah’s government and the Liberian people the very best but remember, Grand Gedeans will be sought after wherever they are when the time is ripe.

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