Mandingoes Complain of Exclusion from Nimba Governance

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A group of ethnic Mandingoes under the banner “Ganta Citizens United for Reconstruction and Development” have complained that they are being left out of the administration of Nimba County.

The group’s spokesman, Jura Sanoe, said Mandingoes in Nimba County “are marginalized from positions in the governance of the Ganta City Council.”

Mr. Sanoe, addressing a homecoming event in Ganta yesterday, said if Mandingoes cannot win seats in the National Legislature they should at least be appointed to positions at the county level.

He called for the inclusion of all the tribes in the administration of Nimba County.

This is the first time the Mandingoes have gathered in large numbers in Ganta since the end of the Liberian civil crisis 12 years ago.

According to the Mandingoes at the gathering, the occasion was a homecoming for their brothers and sisters who left Nimba County because of the civil war.

The occasion brought together local government officials headed by Superintendent Fong Zuagele, Representatives Sekou S. Konneh of Montserrado County, and Jeremiah Koung of Nimba, among others.

It was held under the theme “Unity in Diversity.”

Supt. Zuagele assured the Mandingoes that his administration will continue “peaceful resolutions until land issues in Ganta are laid to rest.”

He said starting today, December 1, Ganta City authority will conduct a survey to see how many properties are still being disputed over, and will make their report within five working days.


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