Man Stabbed by Stepson


A man nearly lost his life over the weekend at the hands of his stepson.

Michael Allen, believed to be in his 20s, stabbed his stepfather, Abraham Domuyan, deep in his left chest with a kitchen knife last Saturday morning in Barnersville Estate, provoking tears and anger that almost led to a mob action against the assailant.

Mr. Domuyan was rushed to the Malac Clinic in Barnersville Township, while Allen was rescued from an angry mob by police officers and taken to the Zone 4 Depot 1 police station in Barnersville Estate.

Allen was placed in police custody as the angry crowd arrived at the police station, while another group of sympathizers made its way to the small clinic to check on Mr. Domuyan’s status.

Weeping and confused residents of the Area G and City of Light Church vicinity, where the incident occurred, said Allen is a noted drug addict. He is reported to always threaten to kill somebody.

He had gone home to allegedly steal his mother’s business money from the jar in a makeshift market kitchen, but his step father prevented him, witnesses said.

They said when he reached in his pocket to get a razor blade to slash his stepfather, it instead cut his fingers. He was later persuaded by some elderly men to leave, they added.

Moments later, witnesses reported, Allen returned and demanded to enter the kitchen. His stepfather again refused. Allen then took the kitchen knife out of his trousers and planted it deep in his father’s left chest.

Mr. Domuyan’s painful cries got the attention of his neighbors who rushed to the scene. He was rushed to a local clinic by a moneychanger identified as Emmanuel Solo, alias “DJ Solo.”

Meanwhile, an angry crowd overpowered Allen and began to beat him before he was rescued by police officers.

Mr. Domuyan, according to sources, may need further treatment at a major hospital.


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