Man Plunges to Death While Picking Plum

Neighbors wrap a plastic bag over Borbor’s head to prevent blood from spilling.jpg

On Saturday March 12, at about 4:00 p.m. on Snapper Hill, Broad Street, Ducor Community, a man was pronounced dead after he fell to his death from a tree.

Borbor, as he was commonly known in his community, was 22 years old. He was found bleeding from a massive hole on the back of his head and a broken neck after joining a group of children to pick plum (mango).

According to one of the boys, a 12 years old boy, Borbor was the oldest and always eager to play with the children. He joined a group of community children around 3:30 p.m. to pick plum.

“We went to pick some ripe plums like we always do and he being the biggest, he usually picks it for us and then we sell them,” an unnamed child told the Daily Observer. “When he climbed the tree the first time, he had to go way up to the top where the plums were ripe. After throwing some down, next thing I know, he slipped from the branch he was standing on.”

According to other witnesses, Borbor was spotted coming down head first.

“Soon as he landed, his head cracked open and blood started wasting and his body folded from neck to shoulder and then his back and legs landed flat; he was grunting loudly while coming down, but when he landed, all the sounds stopped,” another eyewitness said.

The children immediately ran to call adults for help, but when they got to the scene, Borbor was unresponsive. A group of men grabbed his body and brought it closer to the road, where community members came to view it.

“It’s sorrowful that his parents were at work when all of this happened and weren’t even there when they carried the body to the hospital for a death certificate. Borbor was deaf and couldn’t talk and was a lighthearted person who loved playing with the kids. He fell to his death; so sorry for him,” stated Annie, a resident of Bassa Community.

Meanwhile, no investigation was conducted as the body was taken for immediate burial.

“Let this be a warning to our children who like to climb these trees to pick all kinds of fruits; if it can happen to Borbor who was old enough to know right from wrong, there’s no mercy. Let his soul rest in peace,” Annie added.


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