Man Murders Partner by Setting Her Ablaze


A 36 year-old man identified as Cyrus K. Paye, reportedly set his partner, Etta Paye, on fire leading to her death in the Mount Barclay community, outside Monrovia, police reports revealed.

According to the report, defendant Paye on December 29, 2017 poured gasoline on the victim and set her and their home ablaze.

Paye, who was arrested in Ganta, Nimba County on January 1, 2018 while on his way to neighboring Guinea, has  been detained and charged with murder and arson.

The police report said on December 28, 2017 at about 2 a.m., while Paye and the victim were in their bedroom, the suspect woke her up from sleep after he had poured the gasoline and lit a match, setting her on fire.

He fled the room and made his way to the living room, the report said.

“She came screaming from the bedroom into the living room with the fire blazing all over her body,” the police report stated.

The suspect and Etta got intimate in 2013, according to police investigation. “Paye was married and decided to leave his matrimonial home at the Red Hill Field community, and move to a three bedroom house he and the victim had newly built at Mount Barclay New Town community,” police investigation revealed.

Etta moved into her new ‘home’ with Paye along with her 14 year-old son and 15 year -old niece, the report indicated.

For the past six months, the investigation revealed, the couple had been living together peacefully until recently some misunderstanding developed between them. The relationship got sour to the extent that the victim decided to quit. However, the fateful event occurred before the victim could sever the relationship.



  1. Paye must have his day in court. If Paye is found guilty of his crime, he should be taken to a jail compound where he will do his time. There’s no marriage that’s trouble free. Women cause humongous problems and men cause their share headaches for women as well. But, despite all of that, it is completely senseless to put anyone to death.

    What could have enraged Paye that he would set a human being on fire? A sex crave? The fear of being dumped? Weakness of his super ego? The inability to feed a partner? Paye did not think before carrying out his sleazy, low-life act.

    To avoid trouble, it’s always good to “think” before you act. If you “act” before you think, it will be too late. Paye is now thinking. Sadly, that’s what Paye should have done before setting his partner ablaze.


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