Man Mobbed to Death in Paynesville

man mobbed.jpg

On January 1, at about 7am, a man in his middle 20s only identified as Small Man was found dead in the Wood Camp Community just a few meters away from the Parker Paint junction.

Eyewitnesses said the incident took place during New Year’s Eve. The body was left in a pool of blood with obvious beating marks on the head and other parts of the body

According to eyewitnesses, Small Man was allegedly mobbed elsewhere and his body dumped in the area.

This newspaper learned that the man was a resident of Wood Camp but had been neglected by his family, though it could not be independently confirmed.

Another eyewitness said the man was seen with a 25kg bag of rice the night before his death, adding “This guy sold one bag of rice last night to some people in my presence and he gave me one hundred dollars from the money.”

Another bystander said “I saw police officers chasing this man, who then had chairs on his head, but he escaped from the police.”

Meanwhile, Paynesville Police Commander Tanue Kerkula disclosed that an investigation has been launched into the death of Small Man, who is alleged to be a notorious criminal.

Commander Kerkula said since the incident on Sunday morning January 1, 2017, no one has been arrested for Small Man’s death.


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