Man ‘Kills Friend’ in Ganta for L$100


A man believed to be in his 20s is held in Ganta for allegedly killing his friend following a dispute over L$100 (one hundred Liberian Dollars), at the value of US¢50 (fifty cents USD).

Until the 2017 elections, the rate of US$1 was about L$130, a disparity in the foreign exchange rate that annoyed Liberian voting population to elect the present administration, which campaigned on the promise of improving the economy.

As regard the Ganta incident, this newspaper gathered that Sampson Mehn, the alleged perpetrator, reportedly hit on his ‘friend’ Lawrence Gonwon, 18, with an unknown object at the back of his head. Lawrence died short afterward.

According to witnesses, Lawrence had borrowed the amount of L$100 for which Sampson reportedly seized Lawrence’s phone until his money was paid.

While arguing among themselves as to how the payment of his debt was to be settled, an uncle of Lawrence called the two young men and gave Sampson the ‘contentious’ L$100, for which he held unto Lawrence’s phone.

In spite of the payment of the L$100, Sampson reportedly went ahead and fought Lawrence to the extent that he inflicted wound on him, a situation that reportedly resulted in Lawrence’s death a short while later.

Meanwhile, local authorities have arrested and charged Sampson for murder. He is being detained at the Ganta police detachment pending court trial.

There is an increasing number of crimes in Nimba involving murder or attempted murder.

On July 3, 2019, a 32 year old man identified as Prince Korloway reportedly shot his ex-girl friend’s suspected boyfriend, also identified as Robert Weamie, in an attempt to kill him. Providentially, Weamie survived the incident.

Thereafter, Korloway reportedly beat on his ex-girl friend, identified as Amon Lewis, leaving her unconscious.

Amon Lewis has informed police that she broke the relationship with Korloway, because he was “always into criminal activities.”

In march this year, a group of angry residents, allegedly mobbed to death two suspected heartmen in Ganta, while they were being transferred to Sanniquellie from Saclepea, on allegation of being involved with ‘heartmen activities.’


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