Man Charged with Aggravated Assault in Bassa


The Buchanan City Court in Grand Bassa County has charged a 22-year old man identified as Godpower S. Kai with Aggravated Assault.

On September 15, 2014, on New York Street in Buchanan, defendant Kai allegedly being criminal, reportedly attacked and jugged the private prosecutors Alexander Davis Ciassors twice in the throat.

AS a result of the incident, Mr. Davis sustained severe injury and was immediately rushed to the Government Hospital in Buchanan where he is undergoing medical treatment.

The court, presided over by Associate Magistrate Richard Browne, considers the alleged act committed by the defendant as criminal, which contravenes section 14.20 of the New Panel Law of Liberia.

According to police charge sheet issued on September 16, 2014, defendant Kai was arrested, acquainted with his Miranda and constitutional rights, investigated and subsequently charged with Aggravated Assault.

He was charged with the foresaid crime based on his involvement into the wounding/stabling of private prosecutor Davis in his neck on 15 September 2014 with a silver scissors thereby injury.

During police preliminary interrogation, defendant Kai voluntarily admitted to the allegation leveled against him.

He further narrated that he and the private prosecutor got into fist fight and he stabbed him (Davis) with silver scissors on his neck.

Predicted upon this act the police charged him with the crime and sent him to court for pre-trial.

It is said that the fuss erupted on September 15, 2014 when Davis credited $150LD worth of soap from defendant kai and paid $100LD, but delayed the payment of the balance $50LD, something that annoyed Kai and the fighting broke out.


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