Man Caught in Possession of 98 Voter Registration Cards Appears in Court


By Abednego Davis

A 35-year old man who was believed to have had in possession  98 National Election Commission (NEC) Voter’s registration cards during the just ended December 8  Special Senatorial Election and two By-elections was on Wednesday, December 16, surrendered for his first court appearance.

Defendant Mark Roberts appeared before the Monrovia City Court charged with the commission of the crime of bribery by the Liberia National Police (LNP).

The prosecution claimed that defendant Roberts was arrested based on a tip-off by one Trokon Davies, a resident of District #9 in Montserrado County.

The prosecution quoted Prince Hiama, the police officer who arrested defendant Roberts as saying that when the defendant noticed he was at the point of being picked up, he threw the 98 registration cards to the ground before attempting to run, and with help of the residents he was arrested.

According to the prosecution, Trokon Davies, the community resident who raised the alarm when defendant Roberts was arrested, told the investigation that while he was in the community on the morning of December 8, he saw defendant Roberts and two other people entering the compound of one of the candidates, Attorney Miller Catakaw.

Atty. Catakaw was one of the Representative candidates during the by-election in District #9.

Prosecution further said Davies claimed that he entered Attorney Catakaw’s compound going after defendant Roberts and two other defendants that are on the run.

Davies later claimed that when he entered the compound, he heard Roberts and his two accomplices discussing with Atty. Catakaw the voter registration cards.

He further indicated hearing Roberts telling Catakaw that the voter’s cards were for sale, which request according to Davies, Catakaw refused on ground that he was not out for purchasing voter’s cards.

Prosecution further said Davies informed them that Catakaw told Roberts to go and vote for candidates of their choice. 

Before that, the prosecution claimed that Roberts, during the investigation, admitted having in his possession voter cards.

A single voter by law and standard is entitled to one card bearing his image and information.

Prosecution also quoted defendant Roberts that on December 7, they allegedly took the voters cards to the home of the mother of late Representative Munah Pelham Youngblood, but she refused to buy them and only managed to give LD$22,000 with a plea that they should vote her candidate.

However, the prosecution did not mention anything about inviting Attorney Catakaw during the investigation that charged Roberts.


  1. This investigation needs to follow up on how Mr. Roberts’ got these voters’ cards, who made them for him and where were they made? I’m also concerned that the individual who was instrumental in exposing Mr. Roberts is in the public glare and not protected as State witness. Mr. Roberts must be made to expose the truth about the origin of these voter’s cards to deter future occurrence.

  2. i blame ellen for putting this fool in office. I have never seen so much abuse of power. these cdcians are the biggest idiots i have ever seen. this is a lawless nation

  3. O. Osagefu, you are the fool! Does an incumbent President have any right or power to put in office anyone as President? You are too stupid. You are worse than an idiot to conclude that because a criminal goes to sell voting cards to members of a certain party or a certain candidate, its a forgone conclusion that the party or its members are the culprits. And you are the very foolish and criminally lawless swines who wanted Ellen to illegally and criminally reverse the will of the people for Joseph Boakai.

  4. Because of hatred, and nothing else, Weah is constantly blamed by his critics! Even if Weah announces that street lights will go up, or a paved 10-mile road will be constructed, there will be no credit but rather, condemnation and broadsides. If a deranged individual rapes an underage teenager in Grand Gedeh or in Cape Mount county, the critics will blame Weah.

    Mark Roberts is accused of possessing 98 voter registration cards. So far, the investigation hasn’t concluded yet, but somehow, Weah is being accused (not Mark Roberts) as the mastermind. This reminds me of Jesus and the sinner. A sinless man was preferred to be crucified than a sinful man. I know Weah is not righteous. No one is righteous, not even Weah’s critics are righteous. But the critics of Weah play the blame game without thinking things over. It is sad.

    Bottom Line:
    Mark Roberts must be thoroughly investigated. Until the investigation concludes, it makes no sense to accuse or point fingers.


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