Man Arrested for “Attempting” to Post Marijuana Seeds from Liberia to U.S.

Suspect Juaz King with the suspected parcel of marijuana seeds he reportedly processed to post to the United States

The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications said it has arrested a Liberian who the ministry claims attempted to post thousands of suspected marijuana (cannabis) seeds through the post office in Monrovia.

In a press release, the ministry said suspect Juaz E. King, 39, was on Tuesday, July 16, 2019 arrested by personnel at the Bureau of Inspectorate, while attempting to post the alleged narcotic substance, mainly marijuana seeds.

“The action of suspect, Juaz E. King to conceal thousands of marijuana seeds in an attempt to post it through the post office to the United States of America violates the laws of Liberia and Article 19 of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) Convention,” the release said.

Article 19 of the UPU establishes rules applicable to letter post and postal parcels exchanged in all the UPU member countries to include upholding of law not to post any illegal substance.

“During an internal investigation at the ministry by the Inspectorate Bureau, suspect King admitted to the investigation that he knows of the illegality of marijuana (Cannabis), but not its seeds,” the ministry press release said.

Suspect King, the MoPT release said, informed the investigative team that he was sending the marijuana (cannabis) seeds to his relative in the United States of America for medical purposes.

“A friend helped me to buy this because it is being prescribed for my relative (not named) in the US that is suffering from cancer,” King told investigators.

The ministry press release added that items such as marijuana, alcoholic beverages, ammunition, controlled drugs, narcotics, explosives, environmentally hazardous substances, flammable liquids are among the many items prohibited to be posted by regulations.

The release added that the ministry remains committed to upholding the laws of Liberia, and Article 19 of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) Convention.

According to the ministry, the exposure of such an individual will help to build the credibility of the postal sector, and put confidence in our international partners.

Meanwhile, the ministry has forwarded suspect King to the Liberia National Police for further investigation.


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