Man, 65, Admits Losing U$110 to ‘Hopojoe’

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A 65-year-old man who accused his children of stealing his U$110 later admitted that he may have lost the money to a prostitute (hopojoe) he had slept with the previous night, near Point 4, Bushrod Island in Monrovia.
The unidentified graying old man told neighbors yesterday, amid laughter, that he later realized that the woman he had slept with took the money from his pocket.
“I had no clue that she would steal my money,” eye-witnesses quoted him complaining.
One of the youth, a young man in his late twenties, told the Daily Observer that his father had accused him along with his brother of stealing the money from his pocket.
“We told him to think where he might have gone the previous night so that we could make some attempt to find where the money went or who took the money,” the young man said.
He said after thinking about their suggestion his father admitted that he knew the whereabouts of the money, because he had spent the night with a lady he had contacted and had some ‘fun’ with, in the Point 4 area Wednesday night.
“My father had the woman’s number and so we encouraged him to make a call to her and he did,” the young man said.
He explained that when his father made the call, a young woman answered and gave her location, which was indeed at the Point 4 Junction, near Zimbabwe. The area is notorious for prostitution and drugs and where young men hang around to snatch mobile phones and ladies’ bags.
As interest in the case grew and the area got crowded, a young woman in her late thirties was seen in the middle of the crowd explaining that whatever she got from the old man was her pay.
While many suggested police officers could resolve the case, others said the old man had himself to blame for engaging in prostitution.
“Why should the old man leave his family to sleep with a prostitute? He deserved what he got,” said a young woman who was attracted by the story. Many on the scene began arguing about prostitution and how crafty women in that business have become, resulting to many men who engage their services losing money intended for other purposes.
Daily Observer inquiry revealed that the case was not reported to the nearby Zone One police depot up to press time last night.


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