Man, 60, Arrested for Offering Friends “Urine Liquor”


Community Watch Forum members, who are helping local authorities in rural communities, over the weekend arrested a man believed to be in his 60s in Fro Behplay Town, Twah River Electoral District #4, in Nimba County. The man reportedly turned human waste (urine) into an alcoholic beverage otherwise known as “Pastis.”

According to Radio Saclepea, Thomas Gongrou and his friends were drinking Pastis and spending good time together until the drink finished, and his friends gave him some money to go and purchase more of it.

But, according to the report, when Gongrou left, he encountered some children whose ages were about 10 years old, at play. He asked them to urinate in the bottle he was carrying, promising them L$20.

“After the children urinated in the bottle,” the report said, “Gongrou took the bottle of urine, mixed it with a quantity of Pastis, and took it to his friends.”

His sinister action was exposed when he refused to taste the content of the bottle, which he had brought to the drinking table, leaving his friends suspicious.

Later, according to the report, he was forced to drink some of the Pastis, but he refused and only kept it in his mouth and later spat the drink out.

His friends, who were already suspicious, began to question him, asking why he had refused to drink the liquor.

While arguing among themselves, the children whom Gongru had convinced to urinate in the bottle in order to receive a payment of $20, came to ask him for the said amount.

It was through Gongrou’s and the children’s discussion that his (Gongrou’s) friends discovered that he had pocketed some of the money for his personal use and, instead of buying the original liquor, he had mixed the children’s urine with a little content of Patis.

Shortly following the children’s narration, Gongrou’s friends became agitated and took him to the local authorities.

Gongrou has meanwhile been charged with “witchcraft activities.”

He is waiting to be sent to Yao-Dahnplay Town to take a traditional oath.

According to some of the residents, the accused has always been linked to “suspicious activities,” which he has often denied.


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