Man, 58, Found Dead in Buchanan


By Folo-Glagba Korkollie

A 58-year-old man, identified as Tommy Goffa, was last week found dead at the port city of Buchanan in Grand Bassa County.

The body was found by neighbors at a clustered community of Blagbahn, between Preston and Kilby Streets, southeast of Buchanan City.

According to investigations, Goffa had earlier gone to visit his girlfriend, identified as Theresa Lewis, 50, during which he met his untimely death.

During police investigations, Madam Lewis admitted that Goffa visited her that fateful night.

“When he (Goffa) knocked at my door and I opened, he said he was feeling chilly and I told him to go back home because he was sick,” she said.

She said after a brief conversation with Goffa, she closed the door and went to bed. However, it was later the next morning that she heard Goffa had been found dead near a kitchen.

A medical doctor, who could not be identified by the Government Hospital in Buchanan, as well as police investigators who examined the body later, concluded that there was no foul play.

Accordingly, police investigators asked the relatives of the deceased to take delivery of the body for burial.

The deceased’s family members told the Daily Observer that Goffa left his home at Sports Community in Buchanan with the understanding that he was going to watch a video show, only to be discovered dead the next day.


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