Man, 56, Rapes 13-year-old Girl


… in Jamaica Road Community, Somalia Drive

It was a beautiful morning, and Rachel has just returned from the market to help her mother to cook the family’s meal for the day. Happy and excited that the meal was about to be prepared, Rachel, immediately jumped into the kitchen to help her mother out, but in the process, nature came calling.

As she left for the toilet, little did Rachel know about the shock that was about to come her way — being raped by someone she considered as a father figure — an uncle.

“I cannot still believe he did this to me. I wish I had known; I was not going to use his toilet. The pains and shame is unbearable.  This was somebody I knew and respected totally. I cannot believe someone I called uncle would do this to me. Ohh God, why me?” said a tearful Rachel, whose name has been changed to protect her identity.

Her horrific experience began when she left her house on Sunday, October 18, to use the public toilet in the Jamaica Road community, which is managed by the perpetrator, a man only identified as Flomo, who preyed on her vulnerability to abuse her.

Flomo, who Rachel accused of constant harassment in the past forced himself on the victim after asking her to come to his room, which is adjacent the toilet.

“I soon as I entered the room, he threw me down on the bed and began to rape me. I plead with him to stop, but he did not. That’s how I started yelling and crying for help, before my brother came in the room to rescue me,” Rachel explained. Before the incident, Flomo has been in the constant habit of harassing me each time I went to the toilet.

The issue of rape and other sexual violence crimes have been under the spotlight recently, since a 19-year-old boy in rural Liberia allegedly used a razor blade to expand the genitals of a 3-year-old girl in order to penetrate her.

That attack and the rampant increase of rape cases in the first five months, particularly during the height of the coronavirus outbreak in Liberia, in which more than 600 rape cases were reported, led to huge protests. In response to the anti-rape protests, President Weah declared rape as a national emergency, but there has been no sign of crimes against women and girls abating. According to recent crime figures, in an overwhelming number of rape cases, such as the case with 13-year-old Rachel, the victims know the perpetrators.

Under the national rape emergency, Weah announced several measures, including the appointment of a special prosecutor for rape and the establishment of a National Sex Offender Registry and a National Security Taskforce on sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV), among others.

“We are witnessing an epidemic of rape within the COVID-19 pandemic, affecting mostly children and young girls across the country,” President Weah said at the national anti-rape conference in September this year.

Also narrating the ordeal, Rachel’s mother said that she was seriously taken by surprise about the incident.

“We were about to cook when my daughter told me that she wanted to use the toilet. So I give her L$10 as toilet fee. It was not long when a neighbor came calling me to go see what has happened. When I got there, I broke down in tears and could not believe what my eyes have seen. It was terrible and it is still now.”

According to Rachel’s mother, after hearing that the old man has raped her daughter she was so ashamed to look in the girl’s face.

“I became so confused to the extent I didn’t know what do,” she said.

Meanwhile, Flomo has been arrested and is currently behind bars at the Free Port Zone 10 police depot, awaiting the medical report from the incident, to be forwarded to court.


  1. There’s no doubt that rape in Liberia is on the rise. I am not sure whether rape occurs in the rural areas of Liberia with as much frequency in Monrovia and its greater areas. In any case, a smart positive action is needed to stop or curtail the rising tide of rape in Liberia. Period!

    The condemnation of rape in Liberia is the first step, but that’s not enough. Something stronger than condemnation is better!
    If I had the opportunity to advise the Gender Minister, I would recommend the following for all rape victims:

    (1). Re-assign the rape victims from their present location into another. Example, if the rape had occurred in the Point 4 area, the rape victim should be transferred somewhere in the greater Monrovia area and,

    (2). All rape victims (regardless of age or gender) should be properly counseled, trained in the trades and schooled if possible.

    With regard to the rapists themselves, (once they’ve had their day in court and found guilty) I would recommend the following:

    (1). Give a public spanking of 25 lashes on their back at least four times a month. Example, week one, 25 good lashes…… and up until the fourth week. (That would teach them a lesson).

    (2). Rapists would be made to serve a three- year mandated jail sentence without the possibility of a parole, and

    (3). Rapists would be given a stern warning; Do not try that mess ever again because the consequences could be harsher. After serving their mandated term, I would recommend a trade to be taught.

    The measures outlined above will not stop the hormones of a potential rapist from kicking. But for sure, it’s best to punish a rapist regardless of gender, age or public stature.

    • Mr. Hney,

      Wait o, i want to understand good good what you said. you give the rapist 25 lashes every week, sent him to jail and after serving his sentence, you turn around and teach him trade?

      Suppose he is 39 years, or 49 years old? Still teach him?

      • Arthur Kimba, so when one is 39 years old or 49 years old, learning should be a no go area for him?

        • Mr. Gbasajambakobemu Kpakazumaganagblodee:

          I was responding to an earlier comment that Mr. Hney had posed. My response was in context to his comments.

          A rapist who had served his time after committing the horrific crime of rape, should he be taught a trade after he is released from prison?

          Should the 56 grandfather who raped the 13 years old child be taught a trade when he is released from prison? What kind of trade will he be taught? to do what with trade? to start life all over again? His one foot is already in the grave, as we say here in Liberia.

          Hope you understand where i am coming from.

          What is your take?

          • My take is that the idea that there is a time limit for learning wrong, when even the professors are still learning.

            Did you not hear about the 65 years old woman who graduated from high school in Gbarnga last year, and is now at TNIMA undergoing studies in medicine?

            With people going on retirement at 65 to 70, it is counterproductive and wrong to advise people at 39 or 49 etc. to stop learning a trade or whichever vocation, career, or profession.

  2. Embarrassment had gotten comrade Hney to lose insight and innovation. What are you saying here grand frere?
    You see, your man Weah has made himself an unreachable emperor and so rape will continue with his implicit contribution.
    What does it mean by simply declaring rape as a “national emergency” henceforth? Just to hear himself?
    When you declare a national emergency, you activate special powers with inherent resources that should usually be executed by the army, in our case. What has he done? Read imbecilities out to Liberians that had been written by his dubious advisors.

    If your guy is serious to combat rape in Liberia, tell him to turn all rape cases to the army just for 3 months and see if you will ever hear of 1 rape case in Liberia again.

    • Wow ! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha , Mr. Dolo. So if Mr. Cummings can not handled a social justice issues or any issue of national concerned, call in the army ? Is that the route for the new government to come ? It is civilian authority over social administrative justice, not army social justice. No no no no on , not that at all. Of course, George has no clue on how to deal with the issue of rapes. Neither his Minister of Justice in charged of social justice in the country. George is politically driven by sentiments in pleasing the crowds. Next door neighbor Sierra Leone declared the issue rapes as a national emergency. So why not copyright the same sentimental solution in declaring rape in the society as a national emergency ? Do think George knows how the national emergency is working in next door Sierra Leone. But knowing George, why not do the same in Liberia for the crowds to see ? Mr. Dolo, be careful how you point Mr. Cummings in the wrong direction. He has been out of the country for a very long time. And as for Liberia and its draconian laws and rules, such suggestions is not helpful to a new candidate wanting to be trusted by the citizens. Got that ? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ! Hope you do.

      • James Davis,

        Weah has declared a state of emergency, what does it mean in governance?
        Some states in the USA recently declared states of emergency by calling on the central government to send in federal forces to quell the uprisings. State of emergency means “the tabling of the legal course of action”. Why will Weah declare a state of emergency and yet we are hearing about rape? It means the guy was just reading what was written for him. He doesn’t know what is contained in the definition of a state of emergency.

        Such dehumanization and ritualistic practices will NEVER have a place under the Cummings’ leadership. They are stemmed from illiteracy and poverty.
        When you appoint an illiterate person to a position, they will do all to keep such position by hope or by crook. In fact, such people will find you, a qualified individual, as a threat for them. Beware how you work with such person before they poison you.
        Also, due to abject poverty, people will easily take money from those nasty and illiterate fools to execute their macabre actions.

        The army should come in play, if they state of emergency should be meaningful!

        • As your ”country woman” Kou Gontee reminded you the other day, the ”dehumanization and ritualistic practices” are the ones in the BEEN A BUTT BOY AND A GAY RAPIST character and personality traits in your mentor Alex Cummings, for which the Liberian electorate proper vomits or throws out each time you associate Cummings with the Liberian presidency or national leadership.

          • I think the problem with some of you, especially ladies, is simple: you wish to have Cummings in your bed but the guy doesn’t look out like other Liberian men, an immoral behavior which has practically become a culture in Liberia.
            Liberians will refuse to accept that a man will be married and not have girlfriend/s out there to cater to. All our so-called rich men are like that, and Mr. Cummings is not like that.

            I remembered people telling my brother that I was sick when I was in Liberia sometimes. They could not see me inviting girls to go out and so, but I was home alone either flipping through the news or going about business. I was working with ladies observing the highest level of professionalism, I appeared to be sick or to say it the Liberian way, I could not function.

            So Mae, come to yourself. Not all Liberian men are “hopojoy”. Some are committed family men who know the spiritual implication of laying out with many women at once!

  3. Comrade Kimba,
    Welcome back!
    Your answer to the question you’ve asked is YES,!

    Unless the rapist is a punk who refuses to do something for himself or herself, the rapist must be taught a trade or be schooled. If a rapist is given an opportunity to learn, he or she will learn.

    The issue of a rapist’s age is important. But regardless of age, (unless the rapist is a bobo or a complete jerk and a clatrap) I think training should be provided by the state. A 49-year old rapist can be taught how to lay bricks, sew, cook or taught carpentry or something else. If a 49-year old guy can do sex, he or she can improve himself or herself by being taught a trade. First, by setting up a trade school, jobs will be created. People need jobs.

    Don’t laugh Kimba, please. I know it’s funny.

    My act of referring to a rapist by saying “he or she” is not a mistake, but rather a serious business! You and I have had this discussion before. Some women do rape men, young boys or females. But I know that Liberia’s rape cases are done by men. So, let’s deal with the men.

    Not Changing The Topic……
    “All women” are created with a seductive power. It started with mother Eve. Oldman Adam, our dad couldn’t resist the temptation. It hasn’t stopped since that painful time. In America, you will hear people say this…. “you should never underestimate the power of a woman”. Let’s face it head on…..women are powerful!

    Kimba, every sinner or wrongdoer deserves to be given an opportunity to improve. Even God the creator always forgives those who seek forgiveness.
    Hang in there buddy!

    • Mr. Hney,

      In my view, you are rewarding a bad behaviour with good incentive by teaching a trade to a criminal and most of them are hardened criminals at that. Is that what is done in the USA?

      What will prompt a 56 year old man to mercilessly and savagely brutalize sexually a tender child of such age? incomprehensible, to say the least. He is old enough to be her grandfather

      The only thing that comes to mind is he has no fear of the applicable laws concerning rape because, either he knows that it is (the law) is weak, or he has someone in high place that can get him out of his ugly deed.

      Why on earth would you want to teach a 56 year old man a trade?. He should almost be retiring at that age in order to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

      It is said that, an old rapist was once a young rapist.

      Rape is a pandemic in our land and harsher punishments need to be meted out against the rapists.

      In the community where I live, a 27 year old man attempted to sodomize a 16 year old girl. The community dealt with him so severely that, for weeks, I, for one, thought he was going to die. gradually, he pulled out of it and he seems ok. Will he attempt another rape? Time will tell.

      I am pointing out this story because, in time, this is what will start to happen across the land. People will start to administer their own brand of justice against would be perpetrators because they have no trust in the las and in that process, lives could be lost. Government has to really step up to the plate.

      As for Forefather Adam, that is another story for another time.

      Thank you, Sir.

  4. Mr. ANC Conservative,
    How are you this morning? Hope you are doing extremely well man. I knew you would come in order to condemn Weah. I just didn’t know when.

    Please let’s not put this on Weah’s head. Let’s be problem-solvers, not agitators. Weah may have all kinds of issues, but please, he does not encourage rape.

    Look man, I am hearing a whole lot about rape in Liberia. Something has got to be done. I am really upset. All the little girls we have in Liberia are our children. They are the future of Liberia. We have the moral duty to do something good for them.

    We have to go beyond condemnation! It’s my hope and prayer that Mr. Weah will do something to stop the foolishness of rape.

    You see, it’s in Mr. Weah’s best interest to act quickly. I don’t want to hear his critics say, “Weah doesn’t care ooo. He just talking, he not doing a thing”!

    Punishment ought to be meted on the criminals who rape. There are more women than men in Liberia, 7 to 1. All a guy has to do is this…..”show respect, ask politely, be cool, but not a fool”. Rapists should be severely punished! That’s my take.

  5. My Fellow Compatriots Lend Me Your Ears!

    The issue of rape that we is now coming to the spectrum in Liberia has existed in our country for many years. These issues are highly condemnable and unspeakable. Our current selective approach to the issue of rape will not result to any definite mitigation measures.

    Our country needs a holistic approach in addressing the issue of rape. We need a national database that will contain DNA samples of most Liberians, fingerprints, unique identification and a possible photo. We also need trained Polygraph Specialists with severals Polygraph Machines.

    Our President did the first step of procuring DNA machines to aid the investigation of rape cases. However, those machines are only useful if the alleged perpetrator is already apprehended. So many rape cases go unsolved in Liberia if the perpetrator was not caught in the act or if the victim is unable to identify the perpetrator. With this new database, detectives will be able to search the database for records that march the evidence(sperm, hair, salavar, clothes, hair, facial recognition) collected from the victims Also, the government, needs to create a record of convicted sexual predators(most likely a website and or a facebook page), that will display to the Liberian public the names, communities, and photographs of predators. Additionally, depending on the severity of the act(age of victim, bodily harm done, and the culprit’s criminal history), the penalty should range from minimum 15 years(without parole) to a Life Sentence. Convicts should also be held financially responsible in a Civil Court for the damages done to the victim.

    The following policies will help minimize the culture of rape that has been condoned for so many years.

    1)Those with authority over a teen should not involve in any sexual relationship with that teen. Prime example, our schools, nowadays I will consider most teachers in Liberia as rapists, even though those cases are not reported. Most teachers in Liberia have at least three girlfriends in each the schools they are teaching. Choir Directors are another example. To some extent, Liberians are comfortable with some forms of rape and not concerned about the most common forms. The notion, that someone of high social status should feel they need to have numerous teenage girls is very worrisome, but generally accepted in Liberia as Godpa.

    2) Children from less than 16 years should not be allowed to roam the streets during school hours without signed excuse slips from their schools. Parents that sit home and allow their children to sell in the streets should be fined on first offense and then arrested on the third offense on a Child Endangerment Charge. To many rape cases occur when children are left to wander the street to sell.

  6. Mr. ANC Conservative,
    The transfer of rape cases to the military is a proposal you have put forward. To be perfectly honest with you, it’s the weakest of proposals as matters relate to rape cases. Your buddy James Davis pokes fun at you because he doesn’t think the military will do a supurb job!
    Let me suggest to you what George Weah’s critics (including you and your ANC brand) will most likely say:

    1. George Weah is incompetent! Therefore because of his incompetence, he made the clumsy decision of transferring rape cases to the military of Liberia in order for the military to do his dirty job.

    2. George Weah does not want to be caught red-handed. If an independent body of professionals do the job of investigating the rising tide of rape cases under his watch, he will be exposed, and

    3. George Weah is not good at solving complex problems. In addition to rape cases, mysterious deaths of professional Liberians are on the rise. George Weah is building mansions instead of creating 100,000 jobs in 100 days.

    The military will not do a good job of solving rape cases.

  7. Comrade Kimba,
    As always, your comments raise a lot of interesting issues.

    It is wrong and unlawful for summary justice to take hold anywhere in Liberia. The 27-year old guy who was manhandled in your community is a case in point. Based on his negative experience, let me ask this question….. from the time of his harsh punishment, would you say that no one has committed a crime in your community?

    Kimba, I understand that there are a lot of issues in Liberia. But the rule of law must prevail. Jungle law is a thing of the past.

    The teaching of a trade is not a horrific idea. First and foremost, when a trade school is set up, someone or a group of professionals will be hired. That means jobs. Secondly, if a rapist or a parolee is un-marketable job wise, the likelihood of another crime being committed is high. So, it’s good to re-train a criminal who has served his or her time. Just because a criminal has committed a crime in the past does not mean he or she cannot change.

    A moron who rapes a three-year old is a moron! The punishment for such a criminal has got to be harsher. The training issue that I propose, depends on the crime.

    Did you watch the last video?

    • Mr. Hney,

      First off, i did not watch the last video. I must have missed it. Kindly resend it if you can. Thanks.

      Since my community dealt with the rapist, yes, there has occurred other crimes and we are still dealing with it the way we know how. The point you and I are trying to stress here is that no one should be allowed to take the law into his own hands, or chaos will reign.

      President Weah needs to lend his voice more than ever to this pandemic and new laws, if need be, enacted to reflect the reality of the day.

      As for the 56 years old grandpa, he needs to be in jail and the keys to his cell thrown away and he can rot in there, for all i care.

      Thank you

  8. Comrade Kimba,
    Come on. I have not met you, however, I interact with you because I sincerely feel that you are a clean-cut genteel person! Additionally, you are my brother-in-law. Right?

    When you say that the 56-year old rapist should be locked up for life, I sense anger and frustration in you. I understand how you feel. I am not a proponent of soft laws. In fact, I am not too liberal. I am very straight, but I believe in second chances. In my view, some criminals (we call them repeat offenders) do not deserve a second chance. Simple as that!

    I don’t know the history of the 56-year old rapist. Yes, some people do not think before they act; some people act before they think. I picture the 56-year old rapist in that circle. He should have thought things through before acting, he didn’t. Rather, he acted without thinking. That has made him a punk. But does a punk deserve a second chance? Think About it.

    In Florida, there are hardened criminals who have served their jail terms. Guess what? The New York billionaire, Mr. Bloomberg recently donated millions of dollars in order to register the released criminals to vote in this year’s election. In other states, efforts are being made for criminals “who have served their time” to be eligible to vote. Some criminals (not all of them) can be given a second chance.

    After the “uncivil war”, lots of criminals in Liberia went unpunished! What’s being done in order for them to be brought to justice? Zilch!
    Again, don’t get me wrong. I am not supportive of the 56-year guy who raped a thirteen-year old female. He’s a criminal. He deserves to be punished.

    The Video: “‘Zacchaeus meets Jesus” [English].
    It’s very short, but I like it. Please, don’t lose track of it.

    Jesus visits us everyday. Jesus stands and walks with us every nano second of the day. Zacchaeus didn’t know that Jesus was about to bring salvation to him, neither did Zacchaeus know that his life would change forever.

    By profession, Zacchaeus was a tax collector at Jericho. He was a wealthy Hebrew. But he was despised by his Hebrew people.
    Why? First of all, the land of the Hebrews was occupied by the Romans. The Hebrews resented that fiercely. Second, as a Hebrew working for the colonial occupiers, it was felt that the Hebrew tax collectors were collaborators, and finally, the Hebrews didn’t like the idea of paying taxes to the Ceasars. The Ceasars were seen as heathens by the Hebrews. But Jesus showed kindness to Zacchaeus. Jesus does the same for us today.
    That’s what the video is about.

    Question… After watching the video, tell me this. Did Jesus laugh?

    • Mr. Hney, By evoking the brother in Law sentiment, you won my wife over to your side. If that was your intention, to win her to your side, you succeeded.

      We watched the video together. She answered your question by saying that Jesus’ voice and face must have been filled with compassion when he was interacting with Zacchaeus. And knowing Jesus the type of person he is, he will filled with compassion for the little Hebrew fellow. Her take, not mine.

      i, too, believe in second chances, but second chances just for everybody..

      It is just too hard to fathom why a 3 year old baby is mutilated for an adult to have his way with her. I can never wrap my brain around that. Can you?

      I guess there are a lot of things that I just will not fathom.

      Thank you

  9. Mr. Gbasajambakobahmu Kpakazumaganagblodee:

    I understand where you are coming from and I appreciate the way you fashioned your statement. With the life span increasing, people are doing new things every day.

    Another Gentleman, Hney, echoed your exact thoughts. it is just that rape such a heinous crime that when it occurs, you immediately tend to see the rapist as an animal, devoid of all human emotions, especially when the victim is a 3, 10, or a 13 year old child.

    Brother GK, it becomes all the more troubling when the doer of the act is released from prison the very next week, to stalk and maim, forever, his next victim.

    Your thoughts and Hney’s, tells me that there are still some good people in the land. All is not lost.

    Thank you Sir

  10. Kimba,
    My exact time is 7:34 pm. Your time is precisely 11:34 pm. I am preparing myself to watch the presidential debate tonight between Biden and Trump.

    I’m glad you watched the video of Zacchaeus and his encounter with Jesus. The last chapter of St. John tells us that while on earth, Jesus did a lot of things (such as miracles) that weren’t recorded. If you have the time, read the last chapter of St. John.

    I am proud of you and your wife! Yap, you are my brother-in-law. Watching a video together with your wife is fantastic. Keep it up. Of course, no more Ota Benga! But the names of more videos will be disclosed to you as time progresses.

    On the issues of rape, murder, theft and other crimes, I don’t get it! In psychology, if one’s ego defeats his or her super-ego, something clicks in box.

    I totally agree with you Kimba. It makes no sense why a grown up guy would think about having sex with a pre-teen or even a three-year old. That’s gross. Someone has got to be retarded to the lowest form of life in order to do that.

    Let’s wait to see what happens. Tougher punishments, not death by hanging will curtail the foolishness of the rapists.

    Hang in there!

  11. Aaah there we go!!! jesus / bible talks…when will you all be enlighten that religions (Christianity & muslim) are use to exploit “AFRICA”. NOTE: jesus & satan are not found in African Languages.

    ‘ Emancipate yourself from Mental Slavery’ —-Bob Marley

  12. Comrade Hney,

    Congratulations for watching the debate last night. Tell us what you think about your man Biden. Please, rate him for us!
    Did you see the difference between a politician and a patriotic businessman? Politics over Patriotic Resolve? Rhetoric against Reality?

    Hope to get your comment/s!

  13. Petarus Dolo, it is your dirty mother and her dirty smelly TWAT between her dirty legs that butt boy and gay rapist (who is only keeping a woman in name) sleeps with.

    Your mother is not only a HOPOJOE. YOUR MOTHER IS A CURSE who thorough her prostitution has wasted her blood to ooze out from her backside a dog like you who opens his butt to a gay rapist Alex Cummings to satisfy his lust.

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    The next time before bringing your friskiness and rudeness to anyone, you should tell your mother to go and open her dirty asshole to that gay rapist and butt boy Alex Cummings.

  14. Wow, another CDCian!

    So, none of you have any brain in this party? Is this how stupid all of you are? So, none of you can even reason a bit, or respect yourself a bit?
    You think you are abusing me? No, you are abusing yourself Mae!
    You think I will use similar abusive language back, no! I have a decent moral upbringing to insult a lady, even if she doesn’t respect herself.

    Sorry for wasting my time on another rude CDCian!
    CDC, a real plague for Liberia. You guys will go back to where you belong, soon and very soon!

  15. Mr. Quarks,
    Here we go again! If you are uninterested in hearing about Jesus Christ, that’s okay. But you do not have the right to question anyone who talks about Jesus Christ! Furthermore, I am enlightened. I am not enslaved by religion. Lastly, although I enjoy some of Bob Marley’s music, I am not an admirer of his emancipation philosophy.

    I don’t know where in Africa you were born. In my corner of the country where I was born, the indegenous people always knew there was a superior being!

    The continent of Africa is vast. You cannot authoratively speak for every country, the culture or the religious practices of Africans. Don’t think for a second that I am in anyway trying to impugn your educational background. I don’t get into the business of disrespect for others.

    Mr. Quarks, if you don’t want to read anything about religion, don’t! Just skip over the page and read something else.


  16. Mr. ANC Conservative,
    Indeed, I watched the Biden-Trump debate. I knew you’d say something about the debate. But I didn’t think you’d ask me to rate the performance of Joe Biden. On the opposite side of the spectrum, I had hoped that you would make a sound declarative statement that goes like this:

    “Mon grand frere, I write this document to admit without a scintilla of doubt that Mr. Biden won the debate wholly and solely. I apologise because I should have known better.”

    Immediately after last night’s debate, the CBS television network conducted a poll to determine who actually won the debate. Guess what? Let us for the moment forget about the sample size of the eligible voters polled by CBS.
    This is what the result of the poll shows:

    Joe Biden……53%

    Donald Trump…..39%

    Only 8% of the people polled didn’t have an opinion.

    The worst case scenario:

    If the 8% of those who didn’t have an opinion for either candidate decide to break for Trump,
    your conservative buddy Trump will continue to lose. Example, 39 + 8 = 42!

  17. Sir. Hney:
    I know you’re talking about the white jesus:
    Superior Being / SOURCE is an illusion / energy for it has no boundary. It’s misleading to say that white jesus is his only son. Hney, your jesus is not your race.
    missionaries (christian & muslim) went and brain washed your indigenous that you know; the indigenous prior to yours didn’t know anyone call jesus and muhammad. Let’s represent our true African Culture; I know it is hard in the present, but it is Right thing to do

    I rest my case in peace and love; sorry if I offended you

    Note: I’m a Liberian

  18. Quarks,
    You’re one of the funniest guys around. I don’t mean that in a contemptuous sense.

    (1). Said you, “I know you are talking about
    the white Jesus”.
    Response:- Yes. I’m talking about Jesus. However, please note that Jesus (Yeshiva) was not white. Jesus’ skin tone looked like a typical Middle-eastern person. Jesus was a seed of Abraham. Abraham was a derivative of Mesopotamia. I didn’t talk about Mohammed. I am not a Moslem. I don’t know a whole lot about the Moslem faith. Furthermore, I do not disparage anyone’s religion.

    (2). Said you, “Hney, your Jesus is not your race”
    Response:- Comrade Quarks, I don’t worship my Lord Jesus Christ because of His or my skin color. The issue of skin color is insignificant. It makes no sense to worship someone because of his or her race.

    (3). Said you, ” missionaries (Christains and Muslim) went and brain washed your indegenous….
    Response:-. Comrade Quarks, you’re dead wrong. The brains of my forebears were never touched or washed. By the way, why does it become a problem for you if the brains of my forebears were washed? Am I a reprobate? Do I exhibit inhumane characteristics as a consequence of my brain being washed?

    (4). Said you, “The indegenous prior to yours didn’t know anyone called Jesus or Mohammed”.
    Response:- Quarks, how do you know? Do you know who my ancestors are? Earlier this year when my son did my DNA ancestry, it was surprisingly revealed that I am related to Ramses 3 of ancient Egypt.
    Question: Do you have access to my genealogy? Prove it.

    (5). Said you, “Let’s represent our true African culture. I know it is hard in the present, but it is the right thing to do.”
    Response:- What do you mean by our true African culture? Again, please be reminded that the continent of Africa is humongous. With your high level of education, you do not know anything about the culture of the African people. So how can you and I represent the “true culture of Africa”?

    (6). Said you, “I rest my case in peace and love; sorry if I offended you”.
    Response:- Don’t worry comrade Quarks! You didn’t offend me at all. You made me laugh all day today.

    Questions for you comrade Quarks………
    A. Are you an atheist?

    B. If so, why do you think that God does not exist?

    C. If you were a believer originally, why did you change your mind? What actually happened? And

    D. Do you think the world is the cause of itself? If so, how do you know?


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