Man, 55, Dies from Poro Master’s ‘Flogging’


Another Christian conscripted in Gipo Town

A man believed to be 55 years of age has died from flogging on alleged order of a Poro master in Fleeding Town in Nimba County.

According to a family member, Shagasha Nyan was arrested by the Poro “devil” for reportedly beating on his wife, and taken into the Poro bush, where he was reportedly beaten severely and released, but died upon arrival at the Ganta United Methodist Hospital.

His sister, Ameka Baby Bleh, while in tears told a local radio station on Thursday, August 23, that her brother and his wife were making palaver by insulting one another when the school principal assigned in the town, identified as Alvin Poquee, took his complaint to the Poro master.

The Poro master, according to the report, immediately ordered men to drag Nyan into the bush where he was reportedly flogged severely to the extent that his one of his teeth was broken. Nyan sustained injuries in parts of his body, resulting to profuse bleeding after which he was set free.

Upon his release, Nyan was taken to the Comprehensive Health Center in Saclepea, where doctors there subsequently transferred him to Ganta, but died immediately upon arrival at the Ganta United Methodist Hospital.

His body has been deposited at a local funeral home, while officers of the Liberia National Police (LNP) are carrying out arrest of those allegedly linked to the beating, including the school principal, who alerted the devil.

When contacted, the Saclepea Police Detail commander confirmed the incident. According to him, they have detained four persons for questioning, and are still ascertaining whether the man in question actually died from the alleged flogging.

Saclepea Statutory District Superintendent Sahn also confirmed the incident. He has called on citizens and the alleged perpetrators to surrender themselves to authorities for questioning.

Mr. Sahn also confirmed the detention of Pastor Peter Nyan into the Poro society for initiation.

Christian group in Saclepea has not yet made any comment in relation to the latest incident regarding the detention of one of its members for initiation.

The issue of Poro society is creating uneasiness in and across the central belt of Nimba County, creating animosity among non members and ordinary travelers.

It can be recalled that in Doe Zuaplay Town, some years ago, a man was allegedly beaten to death by the “devil,” after which several persons were arrested and taken to Tappita in Lower Nimba County for trial, but the public is yet to know the outcome of the case.


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