Man, 52, Indicted for Rape, Impregnating 14 year old

Defendant Lathrobe and a suspected female criminal handcuffed .jpg

Theophilus Lathrobe, 52, accused of impregnating a 14-year-old girl (name withheld) who was living with him, was yesterday sent to the Monrovia City Court for rape.

The incident reportedly took place on Paco Island Community, Congo Town, outside Monrovia.

At yesterday’s hearing, defendant Lathrobe was remanded at the Monrovia Central Prison where he will remain until his trial is over because those on trial for rape do not qualify for bail.

Court documents allege that in 2006, defendant Lathrobe contacted one Ruben Flemister, the victim’s cousin, to bring any of his relatives, preferably a female, from Bong County to live with him and his wife Rita (now deceased), promising to send the child to school.

Based upon that promise, the records allege Flemister brought a girl to live with Lathrobe. After some time, the defendant’s wife, Rita, died leaving the upbringing of the victim in the care of the defendant.

Pleased with the level of care Lathrobe was giving the victim, Flemister also took another cousin, identified as Jestina, to live with the defendant, the records allege.

The document said, when defendant Lathrobe was investigated by the police, he denied raping and impregnating the victim, although the record claims he had admitted to it when he was confronted on the issue by his community leadership.

When she appeared during her interrogation, the victim said that in May 2016, after Lathrobe’s wife died, she and Jestina were left in the defendant’s care. Not long after that, she alleged that the defendant asked her to enter his room and dye his hair.

Upon entering the room, the document alleges that defendant Lathrobe locked the door and sexually abused her.

From that day, the victim claimed, she replaced the defendant’s late wife and he started to abuse her on a regular basis until last month, when she was informed by a nurse at the Duport Road Clinic that she was pregnant when she went to the clinic for a medical check-up after falling sick.

“It was at the clinic that I was informed by a nurse on duty that I was pregnant for six-months and she asked me about who impregnated me, and I told her who did it,” the victim was quoted by the record.

The victim alleged that when she informed Lathrobe that she was pregnant, he advised her not to tell anyone about it, or he would send her back to her people.

“I was not satisfied with Lathrobe’s warning so I informed Jestina, who later contacted our family and also the police,” the record further quoted the victim.

Police alleged it was based on these explanations that their investigation resolved to charge Lathrobe with rape.


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