Man, 50, Beaten to Death


The slum community of Nyuanpanton, near New Kru Town heard shouts of ‘rogue, rogue’ Tuesday, September 22, and so residents awoke and captured the ‘rogue’ and inflicted mortal pains on him.

The ‘rogue’ was later identified as Mr. Varney Morris Kiazulu, 50, of Popo Beach, whose wife, Evelyn David, relatives told the Daily Observer, was having an affair with a certain man in Nyuanpanton.

Nyuanpanton residents who spoke to the Daily Observer said, “We heard someone calling rogue, rogue, and some people rushed out of their homes to catch the rogue.”

At the victim’s residence Tuesday, his brother, Edward Z. Konuwa told the Daily Observer, “The victim came home with more than ten bloody marks on his body.” Mr. Konuwa is a consultant at House Speaker Alex Tyler’s office.”

“I told him to let the woman go,” Konuwa said, “but it was difficult for my brother.” He said since his brother began having marital problems with his wife, “Varney could not even eat to his satisfaction.”

He further stated that sometime last week, “My brother had a confrontation with his wife’s lover in Nyuanpanton.” What brought his death, he said, was the victim’s second attempt to get his wife from her lover’s house.”

North Star security officer, Oliver F. Degbe also told the Daily Observer, “His whole body was bleeding when we saw him yesterday morning.”

He said police officers who had visited the scene took away Ms. Evelyn David for questioning, which was confirmed by a police source at Zone 1 Depot, near Bong Mine Bridge, Tuesday.

Officer Degbe said the late Kiazulu, “was a nice and easy going kind of man.” Our reporter observed a huge number of residents who had gathered at the victim’s residence to sympathize with the family.

The victim’s 20-year-old son, Anthony Kiazulu, told the Daily Observer, “I feel bad about how my father has been killed.”

He admitted being aware of his mother’s extra-marital affairs with a man whose name he could not reveal to the Daily Observer.

“I want the police to get to the bottom of my father’s death,” he said, “and let the law punish everyone involved.”

Though the shocking death did not produce tears, the presence of many sympathizers indicated the victim’s good relationship with his neighbors.

Anthony and his 12-year-old sister, Antoinette, are the two children from the union of David his wife, the Observer was told.

“We are waiting for the police to complete their job before we can take the body,” brother Konuwa told the Daily Observer.


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