Man 49, Arrested for Unauthorized Spraying


Aaron Kormah has since April 27, 2020 been in the hands of the police and other relevant authorities for spraying a residence he was not authorized by the Nimba County Health Team or anyone authority to spray.

He is being charged with “Criminal Attempt,” a charge the Crime Services Division (CSD) of the Liberia National Police in Ganta says remains open, depending on the health of the person allegedly victimized by his spraying.

“Your charge remains open; it will bind on you if a crime was committed as a result of your action or can be lifted if no crime was committed during your action,” said the police.

Kormah claims the Dolo family, whose recently deceased patriarch, Amos Dolo, is his family and he has been sympathizing with them since the death of Mr. Dolo. Dolo’s death has been attributed to COVID-19 and, like other cases that have been “confirmed” in Nimba county, the Dolo family is strongly disputing and rejecting that their father died of the virus.

Kormah, who took the unauthorized initiative to spray the house of the Dolo family, was assaulted for what he claimed he did in good faith. But “I leave all this with God,” he said.

“The old man was my father and I always used to visit them.  No one asked me to spray, but when I went and after we had prayed, I decided to use this to spray the room where the old man was and other areas in the house.  I even sprayed myself on the hand and rubbed same in my face, and what you see in this can is a combination of Dettol and chlora and nothing else,” said Kormah.

According to County Health Team Officer Philip Sahr, Korma’s action led to a member of the Dolo’s family falling unconscious and, according to the police, he will remain in the hands of law-enforcement authorities until the victim becomes normal and well.

“Since our father instantly died and people say it is the virus, we have been sitting in grief with no friends coming to sympathize with us because of fear, and you are coming to add to it by spraying our home with what we do not know and without any authorization,” an agitated family member retorted to Kormah at the CSD office in Ganta.

Kormah lives in the Hope Village Community in Ganta and works with the Ministry of Health for which he has a biometric identification card.  He is specifically working at the Gboloryee Community Clinic where he serves as a Laboratory Technician.

In a low and contrite voice, Kormah said he did not mean to harm anybody with the chemical he had, but intended to help in his own way as an individual who is related to the Dolo family.

Families of the deceased are especially of the opinion that spraying is another way of spreading the disease and other health-related germs.

The Nimba County Health Team has so far announced three confirmed cases of the Coronavirus and two deaths as a result of the disease. Those the county health authority has recorded include Don Patrick, whose family has challenged that he allegedly died from Coronavirus; the latest is Amos Dolo.

The bereaved families and others of interest have so far vehemently disputed the credibility of medical reports from health authorities that their loved ones died of COVID-19.  For the Dolos, they are concerned that their father did not show any of the symptoms associated with Coronavirus but instantly died to their surprise.  They attribute the death to pressure or heart attack.

In Tappita, where the first death was reported with the second ‘confirmed’ case, citizens are venting their anger at the Jackson Fiah Doe medical authority.

Narration about Patrick’s death indicate that he was about to marry a woman whose former husband was in the very village they were performing the ceremony, and he (Patrick) also had his former wife with children.  In another narration, he is said to have been in land conflict with someone in the village.  Recounting these circumstances, the families believe their loved one had been poisoned through food or some other means while in the village as his condition to did not present any sign of the virus as far as their observation is concerned.

Residents of Tappita, in addition to claims by Patrick’s families, contend that if the deceased died of the virus, he would not have been turned over to the family for burial.

Sam Kpahn, City Mayor of Tappita City, says residents are also discontented thatJeremiah Gayflor, the Journalist who was confirmed positive following a number of tests that the results showed Malaria, was released to mingle with people before the hospital could call him back.

“Our people believe that this guy might have come in contact with many other people before he could be called back,” said Mayor Kpahn.

Furthermore, residents of Tappita see it disputable that Patrick died of the virus because all family members quarantined have not shown any sign of the virus.

According to a reliable source from Tappita, the people of the district are contemplating on asking the government to recall the Chief Medical Officer of the Jackson Fiah Doe Hospital as they have lost confidence in him.

Meanwhile, all cases being recorded in Ganta are controversially disputed with family members of affected people in a denial state, not considering confirmation by health authorities to be serious.

Many people are reverting to applying herbs to treat themselves and going to drug stores to purchase drugs that can treat diseases affecting them as opposed to going to the hospital where they believe doctors and nurses will not diagnose any other disease besides Coronavirus.


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