Man, 42, Blames Wife for Exposing His Sexual Relations with Step-Daughter, 13


The premises of the Monrovia City Court, at the Temple of Justice was last Tuesday, the scene of laughter and disbelief when a 42-year-old father of three children, in a bitter  exchange with his wife, accused her of exposing his sexual relationship with her 13-year-old daughter (name withheld) from a previous relationship.

The drama unfolded as defendant Varney Swaray, was being escorted by court officers to the Monrovia City Prison where he will await his day in court to answer to the rape charge. But on seeing his wife among onlookers, he broke down in tears claiming that she was responsible for his ordeal.

The alleged rape, according to court records, took place on June 25 last year at the Pagos Island community in Paynesville, outside Monrovia.

Under the Rape Law, the crime of rape is a non-bailable offense.

Although defendant Swaray admitted to the act during police investigation, in court he argued that the victim had previous sexual encounters with a number of unnamed individuals.

“You have disgraced me because you know that your daughter knew about man business and she has been having affairs with several other persons,” said a crying Swaray.

“You brought this rape issue against me and so, see what you have done to me. You are the cause for me to go to jail and I will never forgive you.”

The victim, according to court records, claimed that on June 25, 2017 defendant Swaray gave her L$60 to hire a motorbike to take her to the front of the Congo Town residence of former President Charles Taylor, where she was to await his arrival, to which she willingly agreed.

The victim explained that her stepfather later joined her, and both of them boarded a vehicle that drove them to the ELWA Junction. After their arrival at ELWA Junction, the victim claimed that the defendant took her to a nearby makeshift hotel.

When they entered the room, the victim alleged that her stepfather undressed her and had sexual intercourse with her.

The victim told police that afterwards, the defendant gave her L$120 and asked her to return home, which she did.

According to the victim, when she returned home her mother, being overly concerned about her whereabouts, questioned her and even threaten to beat her if she did not reveal where she had been.

She claimed that when she noticed that her mother was serious about her threat, she fled from her and later explained the incident to one of her friends identified as Tutu George.

It was Tutu George, the victim alleged, that explained her (victim) relationship with the stepdad to her mother.

Upon hearing the news, the victim said members of her community immediately arrested her stepfather and took him to the Congo Town Zone 3 Police Depot, where he was detained.


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