Man, 40, Found Hanged at Reservoir Community

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A 40-year old man identified by wailing relatives as Gonda Karbiyea was yesterday found dead, hanging from a mango tree at the Reservoir Community, near Redlight General Market in Paynesville.

Gonda’s sister Susan Karbiyea said she was devastated to find that her brother had hanged himself.

The news of the hanging drew hundreds of community residents to take glimpse at the deceased.

There were reports that Gonda might have committed a ‘crime’ in Kakata leading to his committing suicide, an allegation Susan denied.

“My brother was attending the Booker Washington Institute (BWI) in Kakata City and he was not on the run because he did not do anything wrong,” she said.

Mr. Karbiyea, according to sources, was spotted mid-night yesterday sitting on a market table near the mango tree.

“Around 3 a.m. a police patrol jeep came on their regular patrols in the community, but did not see anything like that,” a police source said.

Residents interviewed told police that there was no shouting or fighting in the area to indicate that something bad was going on in the location before the victim was found hanging dead in the morning.

There are several conflicting reports about what might have been the cause of death, but police investigators are not speculating, an officer told the Daily Observer.

Susan said her family was shocked to see what had happened to her brother but could not speculate who, if at all, wanted her brother dead.

The body was cut down and Police are investigating the case.


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