Man, 36, Found Afloat in Stockton Creek


The body of a 36-year-old man whom his family identified as Teah Tarpeh of New Kru Town was found floating in Stockton Creek yesterday.

One of the deceased’s sisters, identified as Patience, was dumbfounded and could not find any explanation for her brother being found dead, wrapped in grey plastic and floating in the water.

She told the Daily Observer that there were no reports that he was missing from his New Kru Town home.

“I heard the news of the discovery of his body and I came to see it,” said Patience. The news had reached communities near Caldwell Bridge, and residents came in their numbers to take a look at the body.

Another lady, who said she was also the victim’s sister, but refused to identify herself, claimed that although her brother was evidently killed, she could not imagine who wanted him dead.

Meanwhile, although the grey plastic containing the body was not open, a partial exposure revealed the kind of discoloration associated with bodies immersed in water.

“My brother graduated from Zion,” the unidentified sister said, “and he has a daughter.”

While awaiting the arrival of the LNP forensic team, the head of a local Muslim community in Caldwell visited the scene and expressed sympathy to the family for the unfortunate loss of their brother and informed the sisters of their willingness to help in any way possible.

It may be recalled that Prince Teah, 22, in the early morning of January 28 was found badly beaten, with a hand and fingers amputated by a vigilante group, for walking over the Caldwell Bridge at that time of the morning. The group accused him of being a rogue.

“They took me near the waterside and forced my left hand on a wood and cut all the fingers on my left hand off. Not satisfied with cutting my left fingers off, they beat the fingers on my right, cut my back in several places and left me to die,” Teah told the Daily Observer.

Teah survived but is yet to get justice.


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