Man, 34, Begs to Get His Decomposing Leg Amputated


You have probably seen 34 year-old Augustine under the rain seated somewhere on Broad Street at places where people busily commute day to day. He’s distraught from the pain that shoots from his left leg, that he says he wishes someone will help amputate for him, because it is destroying his life.

“This leg is killing me and crippling me now. I beg ma, please, for the love of God, help me get it cut off, let it be removed from my body before it kills me,” he sadly begs.

Augustine is poverty stricken for the past three years since he began experiencing problems in his left leg. According to him, protruding veins that come across like living worms and the painful throbbing sensations have caused him sleepless nights.

All these symptoms have now made the condition of his leg ineffective and causes it to reek from the un-healing tissue that keeps people far away whenever they see him.

“As you can see, my leg is rotten and every day I sit down here, not begging for five dollars, but for someone to take me to a hospital so they can cut it off. Please, let this pain go away, if they cut it off, this problem will be solved. I won’t have to worry on what is causing this but rather satisfied that it’s gone away now,” he suggested.

Meanwhile, the rainy season is approaching and Augustine says he remembers vividly how agonizing it is when the rain drops on his leg. And he’s also worried about how he’ll find his way to the various places he sits to look for help.

A man by the name of Samuel hinted our paper that Augustine is often seen being carried around by car loaders on Broad Street, who seem more than willing to place the sick man wherever they think he will be seen.

“I don’t give them money, most times when they see me sitting there way into the night; they help me by carrying me across the Vai Town Bridge where I live. I had to abandon my family because they don’t have the money to cater to me and I don’t want to bring that burden on them having to take care of me, so I left home,” Augustine added.

“Why is this happening to me, a man who used to have everything, my legs, a future? Why can’t someone look at me and take all this pain away for me, please,” he wailed.

“I beg you my sister, please help me,” he gazed tearfully.


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