Man, 34, Allegedly Murders Friend


A man identified as Samson Dopoe has been arrested for allegedly murdering his friend in the town of Glarlay in the Buu-Yao Administrative District, Nimba County.

Information reaching the Daily Observer suggests that on Saturday, October 10, 2020, Samson willfully killed one Kpomentor Wrolee, 29, with a sharp cutlass upon receiving a call from his mother that Kpomentor Wrolee was fighting her.

According to the information, the perpetrator, Samson Dopoe, has also been linked to stealing cocoa from people’s farms. On Saturday, October 10, 2020, in their village, Kpomentor began explaining how Samson is lazy that he does not have his own farm, but rather going around stealing cocoa.

Through the explanation, Samson’s mother got agitated and jumped on Kpomentor in a fist fight for castigating her son by explaining falsehood, which she said could assassinate her son’s character.

An eyewitness who spoke to this paper from Glarlay via mobile phone said while she was in a tussle with the late Kpomentor, she shouted that Kprmentor was fighting her.

Upon hearing the call, the perpetrator, Samson Dopoe, who was in the bush at the time of the dispute came to his mother’s rescue and began chopping Kpomentor with a cutlass on his neck thus killing him instantly.

After he noticed that Kpomentor was dead, he managed to flee to another destination and later arrested in the town called Dinplay, about 10 kilometers from the scene.

Lawlessness in Glarlay Town is becoming unprecedented. Last year, a group of young guys who went to work on a farm tied and beat one of their friends to death and the case is still pending at the Eighth Judicial Circuit Court in Sanniquellie.

However, the head of the Nimba Crimes Services Department of the Liberia National Police, Oscar Sayeh, has confirmed the recent incident, saying the perpetrator is under police custody along with others who may be connected to the crime.  


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