Man, 32, Charged After Killing Brother for Barbequed ‘Kiss-Meat’


A 32-year-old man accused of stabbing to death his biological brother, Christopher Faijue, while fighting over barbequed ‘kiss-meat’ was yesterday sent to the Monrovia City Court to be tried for murder.

The incident, which took place on May 5 at the deceased’s Chicken Soup Factory residence in the Bassa Town Community in Paynesville outside Monrovia, brought to the scene several alarmed neighbors who expressed their disbelief.

Officers of the Liberia National Police (LNP) escorted defendant Francis Faijue to the court after completing their investigation that lasted for 12 days after the incident.

At yesterday’s hearing Francis, who was handcuffed by court officers, was remanded in custody at the Monrovia Central Prison, while his case was sent to the office of the County Attorney for Montserrado County for the Grand Jury of Criminal Court ‘A’ to immediately indict the defendant.

Under Liberian law, the crime of murder does not qualify the defendant for bail.

Court documents quote the police investigation as alleging that on May 5 this year during the evening hours, defendant Faijue came from work and sat with one of his friends, who was later identified as Johnny, at an entertainment center in his Chicken Soup Factory Community.

Thereafter, the document says Francis and Johnny started drinking alcoholic beverages.

While they were drinking, the record claims, the victim, who happened to be a younger brother of the defendant, came around, and the defendant then bought a bottle of army bitters (liquor) for him.

After drinking the liquor, the document further alleges, Christopher left the area, but unfortunately for him, he forget about a plastic bag of barbequed ‘kiss-meat’ that he had bought for their mother, Evelyn Faijue.

So, he decided to come back to collect the content, only to discover later that his brother Francis and his friend Johnny had finished eating a huge portion of the kiss-meat, leaving a small amount in the plastic bag.

When the victim picked up the nearly empty plastic bag, he become annoyed and threw the bag away.

Christopher’s attitude agitated his brother Francis, whose outburst caused the victim to go back home to their mother in frustration.

It was while they were at home that Francis decided to level a charge to their mother against Christopher, who did not allow Francis to explain the incident.

Instead, Christopher started to explain the incident to their mother, while other residents watched them from a distance.

While both the defendant and victim were arguing in the presence of their mother, Francis allegedly took out a brown-handled pocket knife and threatened to take out Christopher’s intestines if he did leave the scene, the police investigation alleges.

It was during the argument and Christopher’s subsequent refusal to leave the scene that Francis reportedly pulled out the knife and started to chase Christopher, who was running away from him and heading to their mother.

While standing with their mother, the court document alleges that Francis stabbed Christopher in the stomach, causing his intestines to spill out.

Christopher was later rushed to the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

There was an external examination carried out by medical doctors on the body that allegedly discovered two major wounds on the stomach, one with the intestines protruding.

However, despite the discoveries on the victim’s body, Francis has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing to his brother, rather admitting that he only pushed him, which caused him to fall among scraps of zinc and sticks, from which he allegedly sustained the injuries that led to his death.

Police are yet to retrieve the knife the defendant allegedly used to stab the victim.

Meanwhile, police have charged Francis with the commission of murder, because they alleged that accounts from eyewitnesses and a medical death certificate obtained from the hospital clearly established that the defendant actually committed the crime of murder.


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