Man, 31, Robbed of Motorbike


A 31 year old motorcyclist was on Saturday robbed of his TVS Star motorbike in Bentol City.

Mr. Junior Duo, a resident of Wein Town in Paynesville, said he was asked by a man, identified as Titus, who told him he was a police officer, to transport him to Bardnersville on an unexplained police mission.

“The man,” Junior said, “told me to take him to Bardnersville and he promised to pay me L$600 for three hours.”

He said: “When we got around the Bardnersville Estate junction, this policeman asked me to give him the wheel of my bike so he could ride with me at the back and pass through the huge traffic before us.

“He rode us through the Estate roads and other corners and landed in Caldwell. I was afraid and I asked him to give me my bike and pay me. He gave me L$300 as an advance payment towards the L$600 and begged me to trust him with my safety.”

Mr. Duo explained that the alleged police officer Titus picked up another man, identified as Officer Sam, along the road to Crozierville. He said that Officer Sam sat behind him (Duo) as Titus rode at high speeds to an area later identified as Bentol.

“In Bentol the police officer and his colleague gave me orange juice and when I drank it I felt dizzy and helpless. It was then that I saw the two men riding away with my motorbike,” Duo said.

“I saw them going, but they told me that they were going to the toilet. Then they began to insult me as they rode away; and now I have lost a bike I paid US$860 for three weeks ago.”

Prince Sumo, 16, an eyewitness, said he saw the two men on the bike riding at top speed when he was doing his washing at the Tolbert Lake in Tolbert Yard.

“The two men were putting out insults on somebody and it was later that I saw another guy, who identified himself as Junior Duo, claiming that those men had stolen his bike,” Sumo said.

Sumo told the Daily Observer that many robberies of the kind, and for other valuables, have taken place in the community, alleging that the perpetrators are people who reside elsewhere but commit their crimes in the area.


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