Man, 29, Sentenced to 30 Years Imprisonment

Aaron Menmakeh, sentenced to 30 years imprisonment for the murder of Oyiboredo Wilson in Ganta

…for murdering Nigerian man

The Eighth Judicial Circuit Court in Nimba County has convicted a 29-year-old man to 30 years imprisonment for killing one Oyiboredo Wilson, a Nigerian national.

According to the court ruling, Judge Roland F. Dahn explained that given the gravity of the crime and the convict, Aaron Menmakeh, being notorious criminal, he deserved a death penalty, but, because Liberia is a signatory to the Geneva Accord, which prohibits capital punishment, he is sentenced to 30 years. However, after 25 years of his term served with good character, he will be put on parole.

On July 9, 2019, this Nigerian went missing, after he chased a rogue, who was trying to enter his home around the Public Works Yard in Ganta.

His sudden disappearance created fear among the citizens of Ganta and its environs.

The police was notified and immediately search began around the community. Then, on July 12, 2019 his lifeless body was found in a swamp, about few meters away from his residence.

A 15-man coroner’s jury was set to identify what actually killed Wilson and, upon the jury investigation, it was discovered that he was murdered.

Based on the coroner’s jury report, the police began a hunt for the perpetrator, which subsequently led to the arrest of Aaron Menmakeh and his friend Philip Young, both of who are notorious criminals.

Upon their arrest, Menmakeh admitted to killing victim Wilson in the swamp after Wilson chopped his cutlass on his head and he too choke him by his neck and pressed his nose in the swamp, suffocating the man to death.

Philip Young, was set free but then detained to complete an earlier unfinished jail term, for which he had broke jail.

He explained that his friend, Philip Young, asked him to go on a mission and at about 9 p.m. on July 9, 2019, they went to the residence of the Nigerian man and began cutting the wire screen on his window and it was there that Wilson jumped outside with cutlass, chased him in the swamp and chopped him on his head.

Aaron Menmakeh was charged with murder and Philip Young with criminal facilitation. At the hearing, the prosecution filed a motion that the charge against Young should be “nolle prosequoi”, since he (Young) was considered a state witness.

The motion was granted by the court, because there was no protest from the defense team, leaving Young as state witness to testify against his friend.

After the verdict was announced, sentencing Aaron Menmakeh to 30 years in prison, Philip Young was suppose to be set free. However, because he has a criminal record and also broke jail before he was held to serve his previously unfinished sentence.

The late Oyiboredo Wilson, 40, was a Nigerian businessman of the Ibo tribe, residing in the Public Works Yard in Ganta. He was buried by his kinsmen, days after his body was discovered.

Court records indicated Menmakeh was convicted in 2015 for burglary, theft of property and criminal conspiracy and he was sentenced for five years. He served his sentence up to May 6, 2019, when he was released on parole and barely nine weeks later, he committed the act.

With the account and criminal record of Menmakeh, Judge Dahn said, “on July 9, 2019, defendant Aaron Menmakeh got in the street at this time and engaged into the ‘big one’, gruesome murder and went on killing of a peaceful and law abiding husband, father, brother and friend [who was] protecting his family and community,” Judge Roland Dahn said in his ruling.

“From all accounts Aaron Menmakeh is a menace to society and his only pleasure is to engage in frustrating other families and bringing sorrow to them,” the judge said. “He therefore deserves death penalty, but because Liberia has abolished death penalty, the court has nothing to do but to impose the appropriate sentence commensurate with the gravity of the case.”

Meanwhile, the court has therefore ordered the clerk to write a commitment to the prison to superintendent of Zwedru Correction Palace to have Aaron Menmakeh detained until he completes his prison term.


  1. In this world, from time to time, the strong, smart, and intelligent rules. Nothing is free. Why will Africans, specifically Liberians, always rely on foreigners to build, invest, donate, and improve their lives.

    Are we really independent, as we claim? Those resources do not belong to us; we are literally just squatting in a ‘zinc roundhouse’ on a white man land. At any time, they can come and collect(invest) their resources from Africa to enrich themselves. In fact, we even beg them to come and ‘invest.’

    Africans never look out for themselves. Thousands of Africans barely have food to eat, but about 80 percent of agricultural land in Liberia is used to plant rubber, cocoa and coffee. In contrast, they could be used to produce cassava, rice, banana, tomatoes, pepper, and many other crops and vegetable that are our staples. Our land, minerals, and resources have no value unless the white man finds a utility or need for them. So, we literally do not have control over our price/resources/economy. Price of gold, iron ore, rubber is determined by the white man’s taste, need, and demand. If their demand of cars drops, the price of rubber will likely fall.

    Africans always cry foul play by the white man; we are our problems. Imagine how Africa would have been today without European evolution, innovation, technology, engineering, and knowledge. All through our existence, we never thought of organizing our beliefs into a well written and practiced religion. Because we did not have a faith or strong belief system, it was easier for Europeans to convert us to Islam and Christianity. We probably would still be living in the dark age as prehistoric men—no toilets in homes, no electricity. We would still be using drums for distant communications, no cell phones or computers. Europeans going to Africa and colonizing Africa was a blessing and enlightenment for us Africans.

    Africans are not the only group of people to be enslaved or colonized. From ancient days, the Greeks, Franks, Romans, Babylonians, Trojans, Mesopotamians all conquered, subjugated and colonized their surrounding neighbors/enemies and were also at one point conquered and enslaved by other powerful empires. The Chinese for a very long time were ruled by the Japanese and Brits. However, they still kept their Confucianism, Buddhism, and Mandarin language. The Brits colonized the Indians, but the Indians still followed their Hinduism, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism, and Hindi Language. Africans chose to succumb to Christianity and Islam. Religions that for millenniums of years isolated and degraded Africans. Religions whose texts do not make any relevant mention or reference of Africans. Just fifty years ago, Africans were made to sit at the rear during church services.

    We need to value ourselves instead of pleading with others to value us “Black Lives Matters.” Even in Africa where we rule ourselves, we do not respect of selves. We value the lighter skin African or white man more. How many Africans are killed every day at the hands of so-called freedom fighters, rebels, government militias/assassins?

    We need to work ten times harder, break every western so-called “Human right,” “freedom of speech,” “global warming or environment,” study ourselves, observe and research our environment, ecosystem, food supply, society value, thought system. Where were human rights when blacks and Chinese were used to build the American railroads under deplorable conditions and bad labor practices? Where were global warming/pollution/environmental protection when Americans/Westerners were using steam locomotive to power their industrial revolution? As a continent, we are 1000 years behind the rest of the world. The only way to get caught up in the next 100 years is to work ten times harder.

    We are a very strong, smart, diligent, and persevering group of people but not very hardworking, not innovative, not proactive, or futuristic. Instead of sitting and complaining of what is happening now and what happened 100 years ago, we need to work to create a better society where our children will be really independent, economically stable, and proud that they are beautiful. Where 100 years from now, our children will gladly look at their skin and say I am beautiful not because of my nose or my eyes but because of every melanin.

    Voice of a passionate African free thinker and Cybersecurity professional

  2. He’s already across, mon grand!
    He’s is a progressivist, a normal human thinking mind, not our so-called “college graduates and sensible people”.

    Good morning Comrade!


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