Man, 28, Sent to Court for Hacking Cousin to Death


A 28-year-old man, who allegedly killed his cousin in the Buu-Yao Town called Glarlay on October 10, 2020, near the Ivorian border, has been formally charged with murder and sent to court.  

According to the Nimba County Crimes Services Department (CSD) of the Liberia National Police, the suspect, Samson Dopoe, has been interrogated and established that he intentionally and willfully killed his cousin, Fedesco Zoewah, 38, who is also known as Kpomentor.

CSD chief investigator Oscar Sayeh told the Daily Observer that the perpetrator, Samson Dopoe, left for the village of one of his uncles the day of the incident and, when he got there, Fedesco asked him where he got the cocoa that he (Samson) sold.

Samson said he answered and said the cocoa came from his farm, but Fedesco interrupted and told Samson, “the farm you have cannot produce the quantity of cocoa you sold and so it is our cocoa you have been stealing.”

Police said when Fedesco accused Samson of stealing his cocoa and that the cocoa he sold could not have been produced by Samson’s farm, Samson got agitated and took Fedesco’s complaint to his father in the nearby village and his father told him to forget about it.

Fedesco, born to an Ivorian father and Liberian mother, was brought to Liberia, where he has lived from a very young age. Samson’s father is a relative of Fedesco’s mother.

The CSD explained that Fedesco did not remain in the village where the argument took place. Instead, he followed Samson to his father’s village, continually accusing him of stealing their cocoa. Again, Samson complained and his father talked with him to leave.

Fedesco went further, accusing Samson’s mother of backing her son in the criminal activity. This angered her to the point that she jumped in to fight with Fedesco for insulting her.

While tussling, the husband came and parted them and warned them against fighting, and told Fedesco that, “if you are sure that Samson stole your cocoa, take the legal step against him in the nearby magisterial court in New Yourpea or carry his complaint to the chiefs in the town and avoid fighting in the bush.

Police quoted the witnesses as saying that, while the fighting between Fedesco and Samson’s mother was going on, Samson was in the bush. When he returned to the village the incident had been laid to rest and Fedesco had already left and was on his way to the town.

Surprisingly, Samson took his cutlass without uttering a word, went to the same direction Fedesco was heading and chopped him on his right side of the neck, killing him instantly.

Police described wound as very deep, cutting his major veins and touching the neck bone. Fedesco fell face-down, his head toward the town.

“With the wound and the position of the body we saw, shows to us that Samson came from behind Fedesco and surprisingly attacked him to death,” CSD Sayeh said.

Lawlessness in Glarlay Town was becoming unprecedented. Last year a group of young guys, who went as a group to brush someone’s farm tied and beat one of their friends to death and the case is still pending investigation at the Eighth Judicial Circuit Court in Sanniquellie.


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