Man, 27, Found Dead in Duala

The Late Barry.jpg

A man believed to be about 27 years was yesterday morning found dead in the open Duala Market, Bushrod Island with no one to claim the body.

Barry, as he was later identified by curious onlookers, was said to have spent the entire Tuesday, March 15, in the Duala Market, earning his living as a shoe-shiner. No one recalled him complaining of any ailment.

Some eyewitnesses, among them female residents, described the late Barry as being very respectful in the community to anyone who came his way. “For good behavior, we will miss him,” a female resident said in tears.

“I don’t even know what killed him,” Mariama, a Fula business woman remarked.

She described the death of Barry as untimely. But other accounts described the deceased as a drunkard.

Another person claiming to be a friend of the late Barry, said the shoe-shiner, never argued with anyone whether his customers or passers-by for whatever reasons.

Meanwhile, in keeping with Muslim tradition, Barry’s remains was reportedly removed the same afternoon and buried, but up to press time last night, the cause of his death was not established.


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