Man, 27, Electrocuted


Residents of Johnson Street near UN Drive in Monrovia woke up yesterday morning to the shocking scene of the lifeless body of a man who had reportedly been electrocuted.

The late Andreu Saah, Jr., 27, whose body was dangling on a nearby electric pole was said to be in the habit of stealing and selling current to businesses and homes in the vicinities of Johnson and Warren Streets and as far down as the Rally Time Market Community near the Soniwein Creek.

The death of Saah justified the maxim: ‘99 days for rogue and one day for the master.’ The deceased was a resident of Clay Street and a father of two (a boy and girl) whose mother was identified as Edna Varney.

The electric pole that killed the victim has high tension wires and transformers said an LEC source.

Up to press time last night, the LEC management had made no official comment on the incident, but they have on several previous occasions warned against “power theft” that has claimed several lives and caused thousands of dollars in losses to the Corporation.

Eyewitnesses lamented that the late Saah had been in the habit of “stealing current from the LEC and renting them to all the money people” in the nearby communities at the rate of US$35 monthly.”

“If you used the late Saah’s current in the day, you will pay US$35, but if you rented it for 24 hours, meaning both day and night, you would pay more,” some aggrieved residents told the Daily Observer as they glimpsed at Saah’s remains.

Almost all those that gathered to view Saah’s corpse had at least encountered him in his “current business” at different times.

An eyewitness, who claimed to be a “customer” who rented current from the late Saah, explained that Saah got electrocuted around 1a.m. yesterday when he and three of his alleged accomplices had gone to reconnect a customer they had previously disconnected for “being delinquent.”

According to one source, Saah’s accomplices were each assigned with a specific task while he (Saah) carried out the illegal connection.

For example, one of the three accomplices would watch out for any intruder(s) to their “hustle” and another would hold the ladder the victim reportedly used to climb the pole while the last man allegedly held the flashlight to provide a clear view as the “operation to connect or disconnect the wires proceeded.”   

“Unfortunately he was ‘jerked’ by the current and subsequently electrocuted to the disbelief of his three accomplices who suddenly disappeared under the cover of darkness when they noticed that their man had died instantly,” our source said.

Among the onlookers at yesterday’s dreadful scene were said to be customers of the deceased, owing to the way some of them were wailing bitterly, particularly the women who beat their breasts in distress.


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