Man, 25, Gets 10 Yrs. Imprisonment for Murder

Judge Roosevelt Willie

Criminal Court ‘A’ yesterday sentenced defendant Chris Better, 25, to 10 years imprisonment after he was charged for the murder of Kristle Togbah, 31, on November 27, 2016, in the Du-port Road community, Paynesville.

Kristle Togbah died immediately after she was stabbed by Better with a kitchen knife in her lower left waist at the Clear View Entertainment Center in the Paynesville Community, where she and some of her friends had gone to celebrate her (victim) 31st birthday.

Togbah was pronounced dead after attempts by doctors at the Benson Hospital in the Paynesville could not stabilize her condition, because she had bled profusely.

In his ruling, Judge Roosevelt Z. Willie said Better will serve nine years out of the 10 years on grounds that he had already served a year in prison, which started from the day he was arrested up to the court’s judgment yesterday.

Willie said because the investigative report from the Probation Officers at the Ministry of Justice pointed to the fact that defendant Better had no prior criminal record and is well-behaved within his community, which led to the 10-year prison sentence.

Moreover, Judge Willie noted that during the sentencing hearing, Better and his legal team regretted his (Better’s) action that resulted to Kristle Togbah’s death and also begged the court for mercy.

Willie claimed that the crime of murder being a capital offense, the court requested prosecution to adduce evidences, to prove that the defendant is guilty, although he had earlier pleaded for forgiveness and mercy.

Thereafter, a trial jury was vetted by both the defense counsel and the prosecution, which jury was empaneled to sit as a trial of the fact. The jury brought down a unanimous guilty verdict against defendant Better, according to Judge Willie.

Prosecution had early alleged that on November 27, 2016, Kristle Togbah took some of her friends to celebrate her birthday at the Clear View Entertainment Center.

After the celebration, prosecution claimed, Kristle, along with Chris Better and his friends, left the entertainment center very drunk, but the victim and the defendant had not gone together. It was by coincidence that they all met at the entertainment center, prosecution alleged.

Prosecution also claimed that, while Chris Better and his friends were standing by their parked Nissan Xterra jeep and having conversation outside of the entertainment center, Kristle Togbah later arrived and subsequently pleaded with them to open the car door for her to enter, but Better refused.

It was doing the argument that Chris Better took a kitchen knife and stabbed the victim in her lower left waist, causing her to bleed profusely, after which she was pronounced dead at the Benson Hospital.



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