Man, 24, Wanted For Murder

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Caldwell police are urgently on the lookout for a 24 year-old suspect who they say is responsible for the cold-blooded stabbing to death of his friend and roommate.
Police say the suspect, Emmanuel Swen, known as Poor Boy, stabbed 25 year-old Jerry Lewis, commonly known as X-Polay or Success, to death.

On August 20, at about 7:00 p.m. in the Caldwell market area, witnesses say they watched in horror as Poor Boy chased after Lewis and stabbed him multiple times in the head, back, chest, arms, hands and stomach with a knife.

“Lewis pleaded for his life the entire time and tried so desperately to run away, but he was trapped,” stated an eye-witness.

According to Louise Doe, mother of Lewis (X-Polay), the assault on her son took place after a fight between the two men over an accusation that Lewis was trying to steal from Swen.

“Poor Boy (Swen) was taking a nap that evening when my son Jerry, who shared an apartment with him, tried to wake him up. Jerry was trying to wake Swen before he left the house, so he could lock the door. Swen accused my son of trying to pick his pocket thinking that he was drunk and that’s when the two got into a minor scuffle,” she said.

According to a woman identified as Handfoot, the victim’s sister, Melvina, a neighbor parted the two men and Swen walked away. Within the space of one hour she said, Swen came back with what appeared to be a knife and charged at Lewis.

“We yelled at X-Polay that Poor Boy was coming with a weapon, so he could run to the house but it was locked,” she said. It was later learned that the victim was refused entry into a neighbor’s house and therefore could not escape the stabbing.
Meanwhile, Lewis was rushed to a nearby clinic and for a week his mother sat by his side and pleaded with him not to die.

Unfortunately, his injuries were life threatening and he died after spending more than a week in the clinic. Police are asking that anyone knowing the whereabouts of Emmanuel Swen (Poor Boy) to notify them at 0775-915-175/ or 0770-275-457.

It is reported that Swen might have escaped to Sinoe County.


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