Man, 23 Charged with ‘Neglected Murder’


    Emmanuel Flomo, accused of being behind the drowning of a six-year-old boy, identified as Blessing on Monday, February 24 appeared at the Monrovia City Court.

    The incident occurred on February 1, in a lagoon at the Kendaja Beach on the Roberts International Airport highway, outside of Monrovia, according to the Liberia National Police (LNP).

     Defendant Flomo has been charged with the commission of the crime “Neglected Murder.” 

    At Monday’s hearing the lawyer representing Flomo could not seek a bail bond for his release, because the crime is a non- bailable offence under the penal code.

     Instead, he was sent to the Monrovia Central Prison, where he will await his trial.

    The police document said, Flomo was charged, because he failed to provide security to the victim, along with two other kids, Oscar and Oddny that accompanied him to the beach.

     Flomo is a former employee of Oddny business center located at the Kendaja Beach.

    The business center is owned by one Mrs. Nancy Birkelane, the mother of Oscar and Oddny.

    According to the document, on the morning of February 1, Flomo went to visit his former boss and did not see her.

    Instead he met her house keeper, Ruth B. Davis and his ex- boss’ sister Priscilla Mahn who invited him to eat.

    While they were eating, the victim’s mother, Bertah Livingstone— also an employee of Oddny— entered the compound to served a customer.

    After eating, Priscilla asked defendant Flomo to take her sister’s children Oscar and Oddny to the beach to swim.

    Several minutes after Flomo and the children left the place, little Blessing’s mother approached Ms. Mahn, asking her about the children.

    Priscilla told her that she sent the children with Flomo to swim in the Lagoon.

    Noticing, the children and Flomo could not be seen, Ruth B. Davis asked Ms. Mahn to get them.

    According to Ms. Mahn’s explanation to police, after arrival at the Lagoon she saw two of the kids, Oddny and Oscar standing at the edge of the water.

    She said she saw defendant Flomo on a floater in the water apparently trying to find little Blessing.

    Ms. Mahn then asked Oddny and Oscar where Blessing was and they told her that the victim was still in the water.

    After searching for Blessing, a man whose name was not disclosed quickly informed them that there was a body in the Lagoon.

    Following the man’s information, Ms. Mahn said she and the others went into the Lagoon where they identified the body was Blessing.

    They immediately took his body ashore, while his cloths were seen lying on the beach.

    According to Ms. Mahn’s statement to the police, she called her sister informing her about what had happened.

     However, Police said, defendant Flomo said he was instructed by Ms. Mahn to take Oscar and Oddny to swim in the Lagoon.

    He contended that he did not notice Blessing going along with them and he is not familiar with the victim.

    Before the incident Flomo said he did not see Blessing in the compound either. 


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